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Immigration logistics, personal belongings when customs clearance need to do fumigation?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Ulnerable to customers of some breakable, because after the customer agrees to and play the wooden cases or wooden frame, which is need to do fumigation, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain will simply summarize the problems now. Do you want to export fumigation processing, a look at the goods, see the outer packing, look at the port of destination country. Commodity for log products ( After processing such as furniture, etc. ) , large countries are not required to do additional export fumigation; But some countries Australia, such as Australia is very strict with this, it is processed timber products, are also required to do fumigation. Note that logs are products, but the plywood, medium density fiberboard, composite board, is don't need to fumigation. Packaging strictly, as long as it is wood packaging of goods, export, is to do export fumigation, because this is also one of the provisions of the state. Here to explain, a lot of customers using wood packaging, do not pay attention to very much, a lot of time with the bark, moth, mildew, wet wood to package, it is no good, such packaging, is cannot make the export fumigation. The general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine in 2005 formulated the inbound and outbound goods wood packaging and quarantine the new rule. Regulations require all inbound and outbound goods the wood packaging shall be approved by plant quarantine institutions the exporting country or region of the enterprise in accordance with the confirmation of quarantine elimination methods, and add the IPPC logo. Is the wood packaging to go through all fumigation processing. ( Mainly is to prevent the inside of the insect pests) This means that all export wood packaging, is the need to deal with the fumigation, can export. Some of the port of destination countries, the port of destination countries do not require fumigation, such as Singapore, Malaysia and other countries, for their goods and wood packaging, fumigation and no strict requirement. But some countries, the requirement is very strict, log of finished products, are required to do fumigation, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, the European Union and other countries.
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