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Immigration logistics necessary life common sense to France

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
VIPU Supply Chain international tip: a national, due to the international logistics in the logistics to France before you need to understand the life little common sense in France. Electricity, gas and telephone orders with the French daily life indispensable electricity, gas and telephone at present mainly by electricite DE France ( EDF) And gaz DE France ( GDF) And France telecom co. , LTD. ( 法国电信 COM) To provide. The company's service book adopt real-name system; Order with the application for registration in the name of the housing should be related to the lessee. After signed the housing lease, can with the lease and identity documents in housing district electric power, gas and telephone company business place the order with the formalities, service ordered up to within a week can be opened to use. Electricity, gas and phone * usually pay a two months. * amount consists of two parts, one is a fixed order, the other part is the actual amount of consumption of all kinds of services. The EDF 4 fixed electricity subscription fee for each month. 20 euros; GDF gas fixed subscription fee for 2 euros per month; Phone fixed subscription price of 10. 49 euros. It is important to note that should be properly kept, EDF ( Electricite DE France) 、GDF( Gaz DE France) And FRANCETELECOM ( France telecom) *, because some administrative formalities in France, is usually required to show the new electricity or phone *, to prove the actual address of the parties. Housing rental agreement between owners and tenants of house lease term, rent, fees, move out early warning period, guarantee amount and extension methods relating to contract; The lease contract usually cost borne by the lessee. After examined and signed by both parties, the lessee shall keep a copy of the original, as the residence and the credentials of the rent. Housing guarantee in rental housing, the owners ask the third person's well-being, so that, when once the tenant can't pay the rent by the guarantor instead of pay. College students' renting, usually require to guaranteed by parents. Live tax in accordance with the provisions of the French law, during each year on January 1 to own or rent a residence are required to pay a tax. Living belongs to a kind of local taxes, tax or tax rate determined by town, province and municipality at all levels of local government. Therefore, the tax amount varies from place to live, in some places can be up to two months 'rent. Tax according to complete the annual pay to live. The tax notice issued on October 15, a year, and must be paid on December 15. Forecast period forecast period is a frequently encountered in the housing leases or other contracts of important concepts. Forecast period refers to the tenant in the early termination of the lease, should notice the owner's less amount of time ahead of time, usually for three months, explicitly stipulated in the lease. If the tenant do not follow this notice period, means the tenant even has moved from the housing, must also be in accordance with the provisions, pay the rent during this period. Forecast period sometimes visible to discuss with homeowners, and recommended to replace the tenant and other way, to shorten the time limit to one month. The rent of the receipt is to pay the rent every month. Many formalities in France, it was used as the evidence of residence, so should be properly kept.
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