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Immigration logistics from China to Germany need to prepare in advance? What is the specific process?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Germany, located in central Europe, it is a highly developed capitalist countries, one of the world's four biggest economies, stable economic environment, the high quality of education quality, advanced the standard of living and generous social welfare, relaxed and happy making a person's natural environment, and so on, to attract the attention of many immigrants. Due to domestic population is in negative growth for a long time, the German government passed legislation to welcome immigrants settled to Germany. Current immigration German ways mainly have the eu blue card, corporate visa and family reunion. So, when you are in Germany after completing a series of measures for building housing, then there will be an important thing: some of domestic supplies moved to Germany. Next, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain small make up to you to introduce the whole process of logistics to Germany. The customs clearance, logistics to Germany need file the shipper's address proof of registration in Germany ( German city hall to prove) ; Photocopy of passport; Visa copy; Marine bill of lading ( 长方形的) Or the air freight bill of lading ( 运单号) ; The shipper living or working abroad for more than a year a third party ( The employer, the German embassy) Documentary evidence; Living contract; Employment contract; Germany 0350 private goods customs clearance form; Confirm the shipper checked items do not contain sensitive items, such as alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee and other sign. Second, the logistics to German private goods duty-free policy ( 1) New immigrants or German citizens need to full a year abroad and above; ( 2) Must be more than half a year and personal belongings; ( 3) After the goods into Germany must use or have at least a year. Three, logistics process for the preparation of Germany for new immigrants to Germany to live, how to make some personal items ( Clothes and skin care products such as: like, album, favorite mahogany furniture, kitchen utensils and appliances and used the sense objects, etc. ) Handling to Germany is crucial, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain logistics to introduce you to Germany's process: 1, confirm the mode of transportation and logistics quotation to immigrants to Germany's friend, can consult international logistics lp by related services, customer service personnel will be according to the customer to provide the relevant information, such as where to logistics to Germany, what items to carry, etc. , and tailored to the international logistics solutions, providing Germany customs policy is introduced and goods packaging proposal, and provide the related budget according to the customer sure solution. 2, free on-site assessment measure customer through the website or telephone booking international logistics lp professional staff of free door-to-door to carry personal items such as volume measurement of furniture business people get specific volume, and according to the customer to choose the time and specific services, give a one-time exhaustive transparent quotation, no need to afford any additional cost, clear and transparent. 3, after the door packaging logistics contract, in accordance with the provisions of the contract time, logistics lp packaging team will carry professional packaging materials to customers in the domestic home, to the packaging to transport the goods. Small to fragile POTS and pans, big to valuable annatto furniture, piano, each item according to the professional standard of international logistics packaging, to ensure that won't appear damage phenomenon in the process of transportation. 4, customs declaration, customs clearance, we all know, with the further development of global trade exchanges, the customs of the various system is more and more strict, if not familiar with the customs clearance link policy leads to operation error, cause the furniture can't clearance way according to the private goods, you need to deliver the expensive cost of tariffs or in the process of communication operation generate additional cost, so the international logistics lp will use rich experience to help customers make declaration, on behalf of customs clearance service, and use the service experience for many years, to provide clients with tax clearance techniques. 5, delivery agent German workers agreed delivery time with customers and handling the goods to the customer home, according to the customer's willingness to reasonable in place, and provide demolition of furniture items packaging, assembly, to deal with the garbage, waste, unified away and other services. Four, the international logistics to Germany the opinions and Suggestions of 1, before the international logistics to Germany, the most important thing is to find a professional international logistics lp, here as long as the look international logistics association, quality services, security, price transparency in four big international logistics lp's standard, can identify the degree of professional international logistics lp. 2, it is prohibited to transport the following items: drugs and narcotics; Explosives, ammunition; Pornographic materials. Meat; Radioactive substances; Any protected animals or species ( Ivory, snakeskin, leopard, etc. ) ; Dried plants; The historic items ( Before Columbus' time of the goods) 。 3, whether goods duty-free basis before moving to Germany, is there there used abroad ( Use or used in the unit owner himself, these are all consider duty-free imports as a measure requirements. 4, items, must have the outer packing: electric appliance, piano, furniture, ceramics, handicraft overweight or precious, fragile items recommended fumigation-free packed in wooden cases; Daily necessities, books, such as lighter items available are packed in cartons.
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