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Immigration logistics, can furniture be shipped abroad in containers? How to do it?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
Different from domestic logistics, immigration logistics needs to move many items, especially furniture, which are relatively large items. Therefore, based on years of service experience, VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics recommends that customers choose container shipping to move furniture items. As the most popular transportation carrier in the world, containers are accepted by people because of their standard cargo space and general procedures. So what are the specific operations for containers? 1. How to choose container shipping logistics is divided into two ways: LCL and FCL. As for the choice of LCL or FCL, it is determined according to the volume of the items you want to consign. The minimum container size of a standard shipping container is 28 cubic meters. If the volume of the items you want to consign is less than 20 cubic meters, LCL is more cost-effective; The items to be consigned are larger than 20 cubic meters, and it is recommended that you use the whole container for transportation. The following are some conventional container size specifications 1. The actual measured inner size of a 20-foot container: 5.890m (length) x 2.342m (width) x 2.388m (height), which can hold up to 28,200 kg. With a volume of 33 cubic meters, it can usually load 28 cubic meters of goods; the furniture, electrical appliances and articles of the three-bedroom in the international logistics can be loaded. 2. The measured inner dimensions of a 40-foot container: 12.017m (length) x 2.342m (width) x 2.388m (height), which can hold up to 28,800 kg, with a volume of 67 cubic meters, and usually can load 58 cubic meters of goods; when international logistics Suitable for villa logistics, or use when the 20-foot cabinet cannot fit. 3. The measured inner dimensions of the 40-foot heightened container: 12.017m (length) x 2.342m (width) x 2.693m (height), the maximum capacity is 27,600 kg, the volume is 85 cubic meters, and approximately 68 cubic meters. Usually 68 cubic meters of goods can be loaded. International logistics is suitable for villa logistics. Although the volume of the container is large, the actual situation can not hold that much. There is always a gap between the box and the box, and this gap cannot be avoided. Therefore, there is a certain gap between the volume that can be installed and the volume of the container. Generally speaking, if you have a one- to three-bedroom home to move, a 20-foot container is enough to move everything. VIPU Supply Chain International customers who need a full container by sea, mostly use 20-foot containers, but some For villas or four to five bedrooms, a 40-foot container will be used. Second, how to pack reasonably. In international logistics, furniture packaging is characterized by different sizes and lengths. The shape of the packaging is irregular, the weight is different, and the packaging is not dense and easily deformed. Therefore, in the international logistics packaging process, we must pay attention to detailed packaging and reasonable packing. 1. Heavy, large, pressure-resistant packages, heavy, particularly dense, strong and pressure-resistant, large, regular-shaped yards are placed in the lower half of the container (the lower half of the cabinet height is the bottom ). T2, light, small, intolerable, irregular, light, easily deformed, small and light, irregular yards are placed on the upper part of the container. The goods should be installed on a flat surface, and cannot be stacked at an angle; thin goods, such as glass surfaces, should be kept vertical, not inclined, and straightened and pressed tightly. 3. To be compact and avoid suspending goods, there must be support, not to suspend, try to fill the gap with small boxes of goods. 4. Convergence of the same kind Super-heavy and super-high, and super-heavy goods (over 50 kg each) cannot be stacked too high, and in principle should not exceed the half height of the container. 3. How to make full use of the container space and how to obtain the maximum loading capacity of the container? The editor of VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics believes that two conditions must be met: 1. The packaging box must contain as many goods as possible. 2. The container should be packed with as many boxes as possible. In order to achieve these two goals, we designed and manufactured and obtained a patented measuring tool-three calipers. Three-dimensional calipers can create a relatively closed condition for measuring goods. The goods are all contained and squeezed to a certain extent, so the real volume of the box of goods can be measured. By changing the stacking method of the goods, several real volumes of different shapes can be measured, and the relevant packaging thickness can be added to obtain different packing box volumes. The packing calculation of these packing boxes can be carried out to obtain different packing boxes. Quantity, so it is not difficult to choose a suitable box shape for container. At the same time, the shape can be adjusted as needed to improve the box shape.
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