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Immigration logistics abroad, what items are the most suitable?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
A lot of immigrants friends abroad in logistics, typically targeted to carry some items shipped to other countries. So immigrants logistics abroad, what items are the most suitable? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain based on years of experience in logistics, close comrade to new immigrants part summarizes this kind of goods, has the need to look at: foreign furniture of Chinese style furniture design is less, but the price is extremely high, and many are not their production, especially Chinese real wood furniture price is expensive. In recent years, statistics show that the client transport of furniture of Chinese style furniture is more, Chinese style furniture to use, to use and highly ornamental value, Chinese style furniture is more high-end wood from the appreciation, absolutely everybody loved them. Bedding mattress abroad generally special soft, unlike domestic mattress, would spoil the domestic mattress bed very not accustomed to, mattress is extremely high, counterfeits and abroad suggests that immigrants logistics to foreign friends to shipping the mattress in the past. In addition, the domestic high-end home textile prices is relatively more populist, especially Chinese embroidery bed sets, such as wind abroad but elusive. Curtain in general, the curtain of foreign style is more expensive and ugly, in comparison of domestic curtain is a lot cheaper, a lot of immigrants friends after purchase property custom curtain such as cloth art domestic relatives and friends and then by mail in the past, logistics to foreign friends are advised to keep this kind of items from the domestic belt in the past, can save a lot of cost. Carpet carpet is the famous Chinese traditional handicrafts. Chinese carpets, has two thousand years of history, famous for their handmade carpet. High-end carpet especially handmade carpets, is very popular in European and American countries, and expensive, and because domestic people's habits and customs, etc. , carpet besides region in the northern and western people be fond of, China's prices are still very have an advantage in other areas. Kitchen utensils and tableware with constant improve the quality of life, people's demand to diet tableware not only stay on the original utility function, the diet tableware itself embodies the cultural connotation and endowed with rich aesthetic and psychological experience is particularly prominent. Tableware is more than just food depends on the clothes, but food, pay more attention to civilization, auspicious, aesthetic and health food, China is a big industrial countries, overseas a lot of eat hutch appliance are from China, and abroad to pay a premium of eat hutch appliance purchase, than in the domestic one-stop shopping. Clothes some famous brand clothing, personal favorite clothing be sure to check to the overseas new home; As some usual don't how to wear clothes and reluctant to leave can leave away. , of course, if never full suitcase and VIPU international logistics Supply Chain it is recommended that you will bring it with ordinary clothes and fill the trunks, so in the process of freight pack suitcase will become more stable, increase the safety factor of the whole time freight! Like decoration decoration products abroad a family and have all kinds of porcelain? Domestic made of porcelain and have beautiful, delicate? Foreigners like China's various printing tableware is there? There are all kinds of good tea set. Suggested here can buy some at home decoration painting, porcelain, vases, tableware, tea sets, etc. With the past. ( An ordinary ugly abroad plates will have 50 yuan? ) Immigration logistics note 1, if you are a new immigrant, carries personal items are duty free, so to take advantage of this opportunity, as much as you can carry some prices are high in the local country and often consume goods. 2, items, must have the outer packing: ( 1) Electric appliance, piano, furniture, ceramics, handicraft overweight or precious, fragile items please packed in wooden cases. ( 2) Daily necessities, books, such as lighter items available are packed in cartons 3, to Australia, Canada, the United States, New Zealand packed in wooden cases and wooden items 4, pay attention to the fumigation and quarantine formalities necessary for many international freight company to do all in the name of the international logistics market, but the company itself is mainly engaged in the trade of goods, for international logistics basic introduction, not only will your items as trade goods for shipment, the price is relatively low, but as a trade goods, customs clearance is difficult, not only and are not familiar with also due to the lack of related documents can't clearance lead to soaring costs. To finalize before 5, logistics which items ready for shipment, which don't need, and then determine the volume, according to the opinion of the international logistics lp to determine is to use the LCL and FCL transportation services, and which items need to remove, which don't remove to plan ahead of schedule, avoid the logistics on the day of the plan in a hurry.
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