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Immigration logistics abroad to the difference between air and sea

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
In current international transportation can be roughly divided into railway transportation, air transportation and sea transportation, railway transportation due to the limitation of geography destination is less, so I usually choose after two. Because people for air and sea their respective advantages and disadvantages are not quite understand, when immigration logistics abroad so don't know which one to choose. Today we VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to summarize some to you in the international logistics, how to choose the air and sea, what's the difference between them. Air transportation: 5 - normal transportation time Contains items during 7 working days, packaging, transport, customs clearance, delivery, etc. , the final shipping time depends on destination. Air freight items unilateral over 120 cm, the corresponding super-long fees charged by the airlines. Be slightly more expensive on the sea in the logistics cost, if the international transport of goods is small, in time and more try so hard, the better choose by air. Shipping: international shipping goods transport time generally depends on the line distance between countries, if the two countries in different continents, goods transportation probably need after 3 steps. 1, items in the packaging of shipment, customs clearance, etc. , it will take a week to the next shipment; 2, items in the maritime transport time probably need from six to eight weeks. Length of time also depends on the destination country accordingly; 3, goods at the destination port customs clearance, delivery to your home, about 1 to 2 weeks. Although sea transportation time relative to air for a long time, but there is no requirement for transport goods size weight, with a focus on the transportation cost relatively cheap. Shipping at the same time, there are two different forms: 1) Shipping large packages, when your goods (within 1 cubic About 200 kg) , it is recommended to go shipping bag; 2) Shipping LCL, when your goods in 2 - Between 12 cubic, suggest you go by sea LCL; 3) Shipping FCL, when your goods more than 12 cubic, then from the cost and the safety of the goods you are advised to go shipping FCL. Edit summary: the above is about the immigration logistics abroad when the difference between air and sea, two kinds of transport mode has its own advantages and disadvantages, no matter which way you choose, the principle is suitable for oneself. If the goods less time urgent suggest you choose by air, but more expensive, if you the goods on time no more choice by sea is more cost-effective. If you are going to immigration logistics abroad, welcome to contact us VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of online customer service.
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