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Immigration Canada, the use of the maple leaf card error should not be ignored!

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Participating social welfare, top education environment and developed economy makes like in Canada & other; Heaven & throughout; , attracting many have emigrated to Canada and for Chinese people to emigrate to Canada. Although successful immigrants from Canada permanent resident status, but for this maple leaf card, exactly what use erroneous zone, a lot of people also is not very understanding, today VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of small make up to explain in detail to you. About the Canadian maple leaf card to the card ( 枫叶卡) : it is commonly known as the Canadian permanent resident card ( Equivalent of the U. S. green card) In 2002, officially released on June 28. Canadian maple leaf card effect period for spontaneous card within five years. Whether is this your first time to apply for the card or renewed for a second five-year period in the future with the maple leaf card must be made through the residence test, holding the Canadian permanent residence identity must be made in a time within five years, live in more than 730 days ( The full two years five years) 。 The card the use of the most common misconceptions about error 1: the maple leaf card expired, no application is updated, the cardholder automatically abandon the permanent resident status. The card is the best proof of permanent resident status, especially in the pass, entry and exit as well as government departments inspection identification, maple leaf card and Chinese citizen id card, is a very important proof of identity documents. Even if the card expired, over a period of time without application or update, nor lose permanent resident status. People to emigrate to Canada, can also the methods such as renewal, fill do, update and maintain their identity. Erroneous zone 2: the maple leaf card expired before, always fails to apply for a new card, whether it is illegal? The card back to apply for replacement, will not break the law, even can also choose to renew it no longer. However, if a permanent residents have plans to go abroad, and then return to Canada, the immigration advice is still the best way is to apply for the card, to prove their permanent resident status at any time. Myth 3: the maple leaf card expires, and did not apply for a new card, you will not be able to leave or enter Canada. You can still go abroad, but in front of the returned, must to the Canadian visa office in any locality, apply for return to Canada once used & other; Permanent resident travel documents & throughout; ( 永久居民旅行证件) 。 Myth 4: as long as there is the maple leaf card, which can be any visa-free travel to Canada, no longer need to deal with visa. The card is not equal to passport or visa, nor by the card in and out of the other countries need a visa. The card design is used to speed up immigration Canada, is not a visa, as for other countries to individual passport with visa rules, each country is different, have to find out. Mistake 5: by land driving back to Canada, don't show me the card. All permanent residents, he must show the officer to prove that the permanent resident status in the file, and the card is the best proof. If you fail to produce the maple leaf card, customs officer may ask you to show me any of the following documents: * completed & other; Permanent residents confirmed table & throughout; 。 *“ The immigration paper & throughout; ( 登陆的记录) Or have the national immigration department headquarters officially confirmed & other; The immigration paper & throughout; Copy. Customs officials have the right to ask you more questions, in order to determine your permanent resident status. According to Canada's immigration laws, Canadian maple leaf card is valid for spontaneous card within five years, all permanent resident of Canada must be accumulated in Canada more than 730 days. Those who hold the card must be in the validity of the card in the five years accumulate full two years, as long as no become citizen, has been to fulfill its obligations to the living. Whether it's the first time to apply for the card or renewed for a second five-year period in the future with the maple leaf card must be made through & other; Residence test & throughout; , holding a Canadian permanent resident status must be made in a more than five years fulfill their obligation to live up to 730 days.
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