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Immigration Canada carry excess cash, please take the initiative to declare

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
Wangbu silly root rural migrant workers in a year's hard-earned money to carry the story of the train once touched us, while a writer a yearning for a better and harmonious life, but in the mobile payment under the sky now also is a kind of vision. Often travel friends must know, carrying lots of cash is not only in the exit, including in the entry will be in trouble. According to the latest Canadian customs regulations, according to immigration Canada carry cash no more than ten thousand Canadian dollars or equivalent, if must must carry, please voluntarily to Canada customs declaration. If you is a large amount of carrying amount, small make up can only do this advice: before the declaration, please ready to answer the following questions, so as to avoid questions in Canada customs officials and caught off guard when verification, because any wrong answer will bring endless trouble. A。 Why is that? Please give a reasonable reason. That is, the period of the banking system developed in this why to carry so many take cash? Why don't you by credit card or transfer? B。 These are legal sources of cash? How do you prove? That is, you need to prove that cash is through legal way, and they proved to be an entry or exit of the customs officials understood and accepted. If suspected on this issue, the problem is big. This kind of answer is unqualified, such as: 1. This is I bought for someone else. 2. My uncle. 3. I looking for cattle in. Customs officer can accept prove, your withdrawal in the bank, the bank of the withdrawal slip, It is better for bank) 。 Issued by the bank cash carry certificates and all can prove that these cash or extracted from the Banks. Because foreign customs usually think, as long as through the bank, the money should be clean. C。 Why do you want to take so much cash entry, what's the purpose? You may not answer this question, because it is hard to prove that you have to use large amounts of cash to buy something in Canada. In general, the customs officials for cash cause for concern is to prevent the illegal trade, Because only illegal trade must use cash. , money laundering and transfer of property, money. So you must be from these a few respects want to good. The customs may also, of course, according to how much money you have more questions. Because I used to work with large amounts of cash, and preparing into European bank, results are bank reviewed the slip away enough. I believe that you can clear lines carrying cash as well as the required documents. On the safe side again to provide the following excerpt ( From baidu) State Administration of Foreign Exchange administration of customs about print and distribute 'carry foreign currency cash entry and exit management interim measures' notification, exit personnel carrying out the amount within the equivalent of $5000 ( Including the $5000) The, do not need to apply for the certificate to carry, the customs will release. Many times of the day and many times in the short term. Second, exit personnel carrying out the amount in the equivalent of more than $5000 to $10000 ( Including the $10000) , it shall apply for the certificate to carry to the bank. Exit, the customs 'certificate' shall carry with bank stamp. More than the use of the certificate to carry, if with bank stamp the certificate to carry the accumulative total more than $10000, equivalent to customs will not be released. Three, exit personnel carrying out the amount in the equivalent of more than $10000, shall be submitted to the deposit or remittance bank location all branches of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange bureau ( Hereinafter referred to as the safe) Claims for 'carry a card', by the customs, the chop of 'carry card' requirement.
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