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Immigrants logistics to overseas need to pay attention to what

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Immigration logistics abroad in recent years has become more and more Chinese better choice, of course, international logistics is a complicated thing, logistics abroad is more complicated. And the international logistics to overseas need to pay attention to what? 1 before logistics. Logistics way to handle it, we need to consider the current house before selling, renting, leave; According to the three of us approach to select the current furniture retention plan and whether you need to purchase new furniture. 2. Choose international logistics lp; Can through online collected some international logistics lp data contrast, here recommend option June 4 split; Professional, four points six points looking at prices. Of course, if the peer in the service, it must need to start from fees. Overseas will need to consider is a professional logistics lp or forwarding company; Costs vary widely, both services also need not say much; Directly affect the future workload and additional spending in the past. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain engaged in international shipping, air freight logistics; Multinational check furniture furniture, personal belongings, baggage; Logistics abroad, back door to door double clearance through-train service. 3. Furniture choice; To that, of course, choice is the premise of a new home in new home as the guidance, and combining with China's handling of the house to arrange; When buying new furniture need with logistics lp in advance to confirm the packaging requirements, using in order to avoid abnormal case of damage in transit and customs clearance. Need to pay attention to several details here. ( 1) Must be inspection, check to see if there is any breakage, fittings is complete, suggested that balance payment paid after the inspection. ( 2) New furniture packaging change into logistics lp packaging materials, remove manual, warranty card file. ( 3) Breakable play wooden cases must use fumigation-free materials. 1 in the logistics. Before the logistics lp into the house, need to do in advance communication, valuables told in advance, they in the packaging, handling, transportation and destination assignments will be given extra attention to. 2. In their homework, need to let them leave a listing reserves; So easy in the destination countries to sign for effective inventory. 3. Loading container when taking photos, know the goods situation. 4. Organize personal information and logistics lp customer information ready. VIPU Supply Chain international staff will for your comprehensive guide to fill in the customs clearance form. 5. Ask for the bill of lading, shipping information, the bill of lading is delivery proof, proof is signed by the carrier transport contract, the port of destination agent will work credentials of the bill of lading for goods customs clearance. 1 after the logistics. Log on to the destination ahead of schedule, because of the customs clearance time would be convenient for the destination logistics lp and contact you, they will have a simple data check the link. 2. Door-to-door delivery, and workers each box, placed and check goods damaged situation in time. If there is a problem the first time taking photos, notify the logistics lp at the same time, some of the things they will help to deal with insurance, institutions such as door-to-door survey, verify the damage at home. 3. Let them [ POD] , this if the damage, must need to note; Because of them the only credentials to acceptance.
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