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If you send your umbrella to the US Amazon FBA line

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-09
Ms. Yang from Jiangmen recently wanted to send a batch of umbrella products to the Amazon FBA warehouse in the United States, so she wanted to find an international freight forwarder that specializes in the US FBA line, and she found VIPUTRANS through a web search. Through a simple understanding on the Internet, Ms. Yang also knows that VIPUTRANS is an international freight forwarding company specializing in cross-border logistics of Sino-US dedicated lines, and there are many successful cases in the United States FBA dedicated line transportation. After communicating with VIPUTRANS customer service joanna, Ms. Yang left her mobile phone and QQ number. Later, the business manager of VIPUTRANS, Mr. Zhou, also called for a detailed discussion.

Manager Zhou learned that Ms. Yang is going to send long umbrella products to the Amazon warehouse, but the product has not yet decided which warehouse to send. There are a total of 12 boxes of goods, each of which is 22kg. According to the volume of this product and customer needs, Manager Zhou customized the Haijiapai transportation plan, and VIPUTRANS has its own maritime LCL channel, which can provide customers with safe and timely transportation guarantee. Ms. Yang was very satisfied with the proposal and the quotation. After confirming the specific situation of the goods delivery, Ms. Yang also immediately contacted Manager Zhou for shipping and transportation. Since Ms. Yang's goods are in Jiangmen, she wants to pick up the goods from VIPUTRANS. Manager Zhou told us that this service can be provided, but a certain pick-up fee is required. The two parties also reached an agreement after communication, and soon Manager Zhou arranged the operation documentary for the pickup and transportation of the goods. Later, Manager Zhou also asked the merchandisers to give Ms. Yang timely feedback on logistics information. This series of services made Ms. Yang feel very professional and caring, which also laid the foundation for the future cooperation between the two parties.
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