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If you could switch jobs with someone for a day

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-04
Transportation, Technology , SustainabilityA presidential debate moderator. What a thrill it would be to channel creativity with a journalistic flair to craft questions for some of the most powerful leaders in the world to discuss. What an adrenaline rush…until the candidates don't observe the rules.—Rich Bolte, Chairman & CEO, BDP InternationalMacKenzie Scott (formerly Bezos). I'd deploy the majority of my wealth into early-stage venture capital funds and invest in companies that are refashioning our global supply chains as sustainable, circular, and transparent. The only hope we have to drive the disruption that is needed to save life on our planet is to accelerate the disrupters—entrepreneurs.—Lisa Morales-Hellebo, Co-founder, REFASHIOND VenturesAn over-the-road CDL driver. In my world of logistics and order fulfillment, these drivers play a pivotal role in satisfying customers and delivering goods. I've received, picked, packed, and shipped goods, but never driven a big rig. It would be a blast and help me understand their world better.—Robert Gerwig, SVP, Distribution, Sweetwater I would love to work on a sustainable and non-GMO farm. Getting my hands dirty, being tired after a labored day, and getting my head empty—would be great. Also, it would be great to know what I did that day was meaningful and didn't harm the earth or any inhabitant.—Simone Ross, COO, Setlog CorporationI've often wondered what it's like to manage a successful restaurant. I'm amazed at everything that goes into the customer experience, from the hosts and wait staff to the chefs and bussers. Seeing how that process works and how all the people are managed would be really interesting.—Chris Lanier, VP, Distribution Services, CorneaGenBill Belichick, coach of the New England Patriots. He consistently builds winning teams by demanding: "Do your job," and believes that every teammate must commit to their roles to build the strongest unit. Whether it's on the football field or at the office, the success of every team relies on individuals doing their jobs well. —Mike Wilson, CEO, Consolidated Chassis ManagementA Factory 4.0 coordinator. Their work is interesting and impactful, as they're responsible for identifying, implementing, and leveraging smart technologies like IoT and automation advancements and introducing them into operations to help companies create a competitive advantage.—Evan Rago, Sales Manager, Vecna RoboticsI'd switch to a role focused on emerging technologies. In many ways, COVID has accelerated an already fast-changing industry, so everything from new motive power options to robotics and telemetry are positioned to reshape supply chains to a greater degree.—Jill Comer, VP, Industry Strategy and Solutions, Hyster CompanyA role in the distribution supply chain, on the front lines of sourcing warehouse labor. While recent events have changed the nature of this longstanding challenge, skyrocketing e-commerce demand has forced warehouses to "make it work" while optimizing the productivity of their existing workforce.Joe Tomkiewicz, Director, Industry Strategy and Solutions, Yale Materials HandlingHave a great answer to a good question?Be sure to participate next month. We want to know:What's your best e-commerce fulfillment tip?We'll publish some answers. Tell us at editorial@inboundlogistics.com or tweet us @ILMagazine #ILgoodquestion
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