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If the dedicated line wants to survive, it must

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-26
Since 2019, if dedicated line companies want to continue to operate, they must learn to extend their business.

If you want to live, the dedicated line must dare to refuse 'fools'

In 2018, many private line companies, large and small, closed down. Mr. Wang, the boss of a logistics company who has been engaged in the Guangzhou-Shanghai special line for many years, said bluntly: Now that China's logistics is developing rapidly, people see this vent and too many people flood into the logistics industry. The coincidence rate is too high. Therefore, under the circumstances of the general environment and poor market conditions, many companies with single business and mom-and-pop dedicated line companies can no longer do it.

Since 2019, if dedicated line companies want to continue to operate, they must learn to extend their business.

The characteristics of the freight of the current dedicated line company: mostly fools

Those who do special lines know that many special lines are mom-and-pop shops. A couple of two people, one or two cars, and a driver who specializes in running a single route to transport 'dummies' can earn a good income every year.

So what is a fool?

According to industry insiders: there is no transportation requirement, the delivery method is single, and any special line company can deliver goods.

Fools are not competitive, dedicated line companies must learn to extend their business

Speaking of this, everyone knows what dumb goods are, and it should also be understood that dedicated line companies can't survive only by transporting dumb goods. Dedicated line companies must extend the company's business and improve their business capabilities in order to continue in the logistics market.

The boss of this dedicated line company, Mr. Wang, also shared with the author his own experience and experience of doing dedicated line. Mr. Wang bluntly said that he also started from a mom-and-pop shop. In the beginning, just relying on the Guangzhou-Shanghai special line can have a good income every year.

But as capital enters the logistics industry, the industry is showing an oligopoly trend. Those couples who are not competitive and economically powerful will soon be eliminated.

Speaking of this, Mr. Wang said: “There was a time when our company also relied on friends to borrow money and bank loans to survive. If you can’t guarantee that the wages of drivers and stevedores are paid normally, the dedicated line will soon die.”

'In 2018, the overall logistics market environment is not optimistic, and there are countless logistics companies that have fallen around. The friends who met yesterday and greeted them will not do it in the first day.' Mr. Wang also had mixed feelings about this: 'At night , People can't sleep, they just think about how to keep the dedicated line.'

Since the rise of online shopping, e-commerce parts have become the main logistics market. But now, many people start to buy cars, houses and furniture at night. After a period of consideration, Mr. Wang resolutely expanded the company's business into the home furnishing field and cooperated with some large furniture companies.

New business has been opened, the company has increased its supply of goods, and furniture logistics is just emerging, and there are not many dedicated lines involved. Therefore, Mr. Wang's special line has survived, and it is still alive!

At the end of 2018, when many special lines were still struggling to support, Mr. Wang continued to supply goods and was planning to buy two new cars. Mr. Wang said: No matter what you do for special line or what you do, you must learn to plan ahead.

To increase competitiveness, dedicated line supporting services must also keep up

When I was in school, I had to fight for grades, and when I was in the society, what would I do to fight for? Of course, it was the service ability.

Take furniture logistics as an example, Mr. Wang said: “In order to facilitate transportation, most of the furniture purchased online needs to be reassembled. Some customers have a demand for assembling furniture, especially some girls. So we asked the cargo station Home delivery personnel must be able to assemble furniture, which is one of the conditions for employment. Of course, the company will give a certain commission subsidy for assembling furniture.'

In this way, it not only meets the needs of customers, but is also a good thing for the furniture company, and stabilizes the supply of goods, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

In 2018, the dedicated line market was surging, and no one knows what direction the dedicated line market will develop in 2019. But the dedicated line company must 'prevent for a rainy day', expand its business scope, and improve its own competitiveness in order to survive better!
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