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Guidelines for customs declaration and inspection

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
After the declaration enterprise submits the export goods declaration form to the customs, the customs will verify the actual export goods according to the audited declaration form to ensure that the contents of the goods declared in the declaration form are consistent with the actual export goods.
   1. The customs has checked the actual exported goods and the customs declaration documents to ensure that the customs brokers have omissions, concealed reports, and other issues that want to pass the customs through confusion during the declaration process. At present, all countries are very strict with customs inspections. Whether it is considering the loss of tariffs due to under-reporting, it is more important to combat concealment, because the hidden dangers of concealing goods are very large, such as dangerous goods, prohibited goods, etc. Wait, if these items were caught by negligence, the consequences would be disastrous.
  2. Through the inspection of exported goods, the customs can solve the doubts in the process of reviewing the customs declaration form, and it is convenient to provide effective legal supervision basis for tax collection and article statistics. After the customs inspects the exported goods, it must fill in a description of the inspection record. The description of the goods inspection record mainly includes: the time and place of the goods inspection, the name of the sender and receiver or agent, the actual situation of the exported goods, the packaging tools (tool name, container size, seal number) used for transporting the goods, the name and size of the goods, etc.
3. The customs needs to issue an article inspection notice for the articles that meet the inspection within 1 working day of the acceptance and declaration period, and complete the inspection of the articles within one working day after the customs inspection conditions are met, except for taxes that need to be paid, and within 4 hours after the inspection Can go through customs clearance procedures.
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