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Guide to the operation process of seaborne bulk

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
From placing an order to confirming the order, delivering by trailer, customs declaration, providing bill of lading information, receiving bill of lading, and so on, the following is a more detailed introduction to the operation process of marine bulk cargo export:

Ocean bulk cargo export operation process (in bulk)

1. Be familiar with the contract

2. Collecting and sorting the cargo volume and understanding the cargo preparation

Keep in touch with the shippers to understand the estimated delivery status, volume, availability, time (delivered to the dock and prepare relevant documents at the same time), oversize/heavy parts and other information, and forward it to charterers, ground agents, etc. Prepare accordingly.

3. Send after receiving the packing list: port captain, charter ship, ground agency, shipping agent.

4. Scheduled ship: if the ship has not been designated.

5. Ask the shipper for information on booking and customs declaration, prepare for cargo booking and customs declaration, and remind the shipper of matters needing attention.

6. Arrange delivery to the dock.

Send the packing list to the ground agent of the port, inform the shipping agent's contact information, shipping schedule and other information, and provide relevant booking and customs information, and ask the ground agent for delivery notices, precautions, etc., and forward it to the shipper (must be written). Even if there are special requirements, we will keep track of the delivery status, remind the shipper of the arrival status according to the actual situation and urge the delivery. If it is known that the goods cannot arrive at the port on time, send an email to notify the upcoming expenses, etc., and ask the other party to confirm in writing what to do next.

7. After the goods are almost ready, arrange the measurement of the goods, send the final packing list to the measurement company and notify all parties to monitor on site, and call to confirm that the customer has received the mail.

8. Send the ship dynamics to the shipper and entrusting party on time (loading port).

9. Send a shipping notice to the consignor of the relevant shipper before shipment, and inform the relevant port captain, pre-arranged drawings, estimated time of shipment and other information.

10. Ensure that the goods have arrived and cleared before the ship arrives.

11. Track the ship's dynamics.

12. Send the port captain, on-site personnel and cargo related booking and customs information, the contact information of shipping agency, freight forwarding, lashing and other units, as well as the contact information of the freight forwarder, the owner of the vehicle and the ship, and the owner of the cargo.

13. After booking, the shipper is required to provide a packing list that matches the booking information.

14. Keep the mobile phone turned on 24 hours a day, and save the contact information of all related parties. If an emergency occurs, communicate and deal with it in time. The principle: does not affect the shipping schedule, does not cause losses to the company, and does not cause trouble to customers.

15. After shipment, send a disembarkation notice to the shipper, entrusting party, etc.; the chief mate's receipt is issued to the shipper.

16. Confirm the bill of lading guarantee with the shipper.

17. Confirm the relevant expenses at the same time as 17. It must be confirmed in writing.

18. Release the bill of lading to the shipper after receiving the original letter of guarantee and clearing the expenses.

19. According to the contract requirements, send the estimated time of arrival and the contact information of the shipping agent at the destination port to the consignor and shipper.

20. After the ship arrives at the port of destination/berth, an arrival/berth notice (unloading port) is issued.

21. After the completion of unloading, a notice of completion of unloading will be sent to the relevant parties and the unloading record of the Port Authority will be attached.

22. Sort out voyage information.
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