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Guangzhou import declaration process

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
1. Prepare customs declaration materials (import contract, invoice, packing list, bill of lading);
2. Fill in the draft handwritten declaration form. Fill out a draft declaration form based on the customs declaration information;
3. Print out the customs declaration review form. According to the draft form, the customs declaration company enters the data on the QP system and prints out the customs declaration review form.

4. Send data. After checking the import declaration data and the review form, the operator of the declaration company uses the

The port sends customs declaration data;
5. Receive data receipt. The customs document review center receives the data and sends a data receipt after the preliminary verification is correct;

6. Print out the customs declaration form. After the customs broker receives the data receipt, it indicates that the customs accepts the declaration, and then can enter the QP department

Print out the single three copies of customs declaration (customs verification copy, customs operation copy, enterprise retention copy);
7. Order the customs declaration form. After the customs declarer confirms, sign and stamp the customs declaration form,

Order the information required by the customs;
8. On-site delivery of orders and declarations. Take the ordered customs declaration form and submit it to the on-site customs for declaration;
9. Document review. Accept the declaration after the on-site customs audit is correct;
10. Taxation. If the imported goods reach the taxable amount, the customs will issue a tax form to the customs broker;
11. Pay taxes. The enterprise pays the tax to the designated bank account according to the tax bill, and the bank stamps the receipt stamp on the tax bill (open

Companies that pay online can pay online);
12. Verification of tax forms. The on-site customs will write off the tax bill according to the receipt stamp of the bank;
13. Choose to check. Manual deployment control-the on-site customs chooses whether to inspect the goods according to the risk value of the goods (if

If it is controlled by computer, the goods must be inspected);
14. Release. The customs will release the goods after inspection or goods that do not require inspection;
15. Pick up the goods after customs clearance;
16. Clearance. After the customs clears the above-mentioned goods in the declaration form, the customs broker can print the import payment certificate.
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