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Guangzhou dangerous goods import customs clearance

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
1. Dangerous goods are divided into eight levels

2. Class 1~4 dangerous goods are generally not accepted

3. Category 4 dangerous goods are spontaneously combustible. Generally, they are not accepted in summer but can be accepted in winter. Such as: sulfur dioxide

Four, 5~8 dangerous goods can be received

5. Category 7 dangerous goods are radioactive elements and generally not accepted

6. Categories 5~6 dangerous goods are toxic

7. Class 8 dangerous goods are corrosive goods

8. When receiving the dangerous goods after category 5.1, you must ask clearly what kind of category the goods belong to, UN code, packaging, performance

9. The freight rate of semi-dangerous goods is generally: general cargo freight rate × 1.3

10. Log packaged goods are classified as dangerous goods of 8 categories. If they are shipped to Europe and the United States, they need to be fumigated at the port of departure. It usually takes 2 to 3 days. In summer, it is generally fumigated for 2 days with half-day wind, and in winter it is generally Fumigation for 2 days and 1 day of wind. Therefore, all procedures should generally be arranged 4 to 5 days in advance.

11. Hazardous goods should be declared for dangerous goods, and fill in the disaster prevention treatment form. This form is filled in by the shipper, stamped with the shipper’s official seal, and filled in as required in the form. Disaster prevention treatment: fill in which substances cannot be placed in At the same time, what kind of reactions or disasters are likely to cause. Disaster prevention equipment: What kind of measures should be used to prevent the spread of the disaster in case of a disaster, and what kind of fire extinguishing equipment should be prepared if a fire occurs, such as fire extinguishers, sand, water and other fire extinguishing equipment. Medical treatment: if the emergency rescue personnel are contaminated with such dangerous goods, they should be washed with water and diluted with chemical agents.

12. Chemical products (such as citric acid) and semi-dangerous products belong to category 5, 6, and 8, and generally earn USD100~200 per cabinet.

13. Class 4 flammable materials can be transported in winter. Due to the cold weather, the temperature cannot reach the spontaneous ignition point
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