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Guangzhou Airport Air Freight Customs Declaration|General

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
International air transportation has won many customers' options with its speed, safety and efficiency. Generally speaking, customers choose to use air transportation for imported goods, most of which are samples, or small products, or raw materials that are urgently needed by factories. I believe that most customers are not very familiar with how to operate these import customs clearance after air transportation to the airport. As a professional airport customs clearance agency, our company provides you with the most professional import logistics services.

Airport import customs clearance process and procedures:
(1) After the cargo arrives at the international airport, the airport cargo station sorts out and checks the integrity of the cargo according to the data on the air waybill. If there is damage or shortage, the airport will assist the consignee to trace or claim against the airline. The arrival of the batch of goods will be tracked until all the goods arrive.
(2) After the airport has arranged the cargo, it will notify the consignee shown on the air waybill to collect the bill of lading. The consignee can arrange import declaration after getting the bill of lading.
(3) Prepare customs declaration materials: 1. Packing list; 2. Ticket; 3. Contract; 4. Air waybill; 5. Agent declaration letter. The above is the basic information required for customs declaration. According to the different goods, provide the corresponding information according to the requirements of the customs.
(4) After the customs declaration materials are ready, go to the customs to declare. The customs will review the declared materials and review the price of the goods. After the customs has approved the declared price, it will issue a tax form and arrange the payment of taxes.
(5) The customs shall inspect and review the goods, and release them after passing the inspection and review.
(6) The consignee delivers the documents that have passed the customs to the airport cargo station for processing and settlement of expenses, and picking up the goods.
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