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GOOD QUESTION | How Can Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Retail, Retail Logistics, Supply ChainDon't try and compete with Amazon. Identify what your customers want most and over deliver. Optimize the supply chain to provide flawless execution.Brittain LaddFounder and CEO Six-Page ConsultingAmazon is playing an entirely different game. Focus on some other unique value proposition. To only replicate or beat Amazon at free, next/same-day shipping is futile. To start, retailers must provide omnichannel fulfillment, but they also must think of other ways to compete beyond delivery excellence. Karen Sage CMO, TransplaceDrive customers into the store with an experience. Make it a destination that allows consumers to engage with curated products in a way you only can in person—in a way that allows configuration or optionality only realized by an in-person experience. Oren Zaslansky CEO, AuptiXCharge—don't dabble—into the online space. Be aggressive but measured. Forge new competitive partnerships in relevant technology and products; explore and develop social media; rethink transportation and distribution. Cut off anything that isn't profitable. Rick WickstromAccount ExecutiveQuadExpress Establish a centralized, digital repository that provides the same access to all reliable data across the supply chain so you can promise improved customer experience, competitive prices, and a higher quality offering.Steve Dowse SVP Product Strategy Blume GlobalMeasure and build the supply chain around the customer experience versus cost per unit. Don't be hesitant to add cost for services into the network. Specifically, invest in final-mile or crowdsourcing technology to leverage brick-and-mortar stores as true fulfillment centers.Randy Ofiara Vice President, Enterprise Sales BlueGrace LogisticsProvide faster deliveries to local-area customers by tightly integrating e-commerce, sales, inventory, and delivery apps. As orders come in, systems can share data in real time to sync inventory.Andres Richter CEO Priority SoftwareEvaluate your omnichannel fulfillment capabilities and make adjustments to ensure products are available to customers where, when, and how they want to buy, particularly for same-day pick up or delivery.Steve BarberVP of SolutionsTransplaceIn a rapidly changing global supply chain, retailers need to build in optionality throughout the end-to-end supply chain to accomplish two things: To respond quickly to unpredictable tariff situations, and to position logistics in such a way as to be able to address the last mile quickly and affordably.Michael NotarangeliEVP LogisticsMaine PointeUnderstand the e-commerce experience has become as important as the in-store experience. Deliver to the consumer's home on a timely and affordable basis with a reliable network of drivers.Tom Fiorita CEO Point PickupHave a great answer to a good question?Be sure to participate next month. We want to know:What's the first thing you should look for in a logistics partner?We'll publish some answers. Tell us at or tweet us @ILMagazine #ILgoodquestion
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