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Good news! Canadian citizenship new guidelines need not hand in the immigration paper!

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
For coordination with federal immigration began to implement new citizenship revised new measures to immigration application form and guidance has been updated, the need to submit supporting documents are revised, require the applicant to submit 'immigration paper (including cancellation 登陆纸) , immigration to remind the applicant to use the new form and read the updated guidelines, because now to submit application, will follow the rules in new cases. Federal immigration have fixed number of year of the implementation of the new citizenship requirements, ease restrictions on age naturalization test, such as revision, many have qualified applicants have to submit an application. Immigration and updated the application form and guidance, in addition to the reduced from the original eight pages into a new form on page 6, immigration needs to submit the documents to the applicant also have revised, and has set up a cancellation request the applicant to submit 'immigration papers. According to the latest citizenship application documents list (immigration department CIT 0007) Listed, adult applicants with basic application form attached documents, including print this living days calculator, over the past five years, passport copy, certificate of language ability, accompanied by name, photo and date of birth of photocopy of the identity document, two pictures of standard, and pay the $630 application fee that previous applicants must submit immigration papers are not submitted. Since the implementation of the new revised the applicant without having to submit immigration papers as proof of citizenship application. As the new cases have been implemented in 11th of this month, the applicant need to use the updated application form and the guide to application, because the new form and guidance is based on the new citizenship law revision. In addition to the 'immigration papers to cancel, has the applicant also found that old table in language ability prove part, one of the options is' outside the country, in English or French to complete high school or college diploma, certificate, transcript' proof language, but new form to delete this option. Has the worry, immigration is no longer accept to overseas diploma as a language certificate. The federal response refers to the immigration department, the applicant can still submit proof that referred to in the above. And detailed requirements on language ability to prove, the applicant may refer to the immigration website, http://www. 中投公司。 gc。 ca /英语/国籍/语言。 asp。 Source: integrated network
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