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Go abroad to study, how to solve the problem of the baggage is overweight

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
To study abroad, because of their & other; Greed & throughout; , resulting in luggage weighs more than the air shipment regulation, many students want to cry, so VIPU Supply Chain international advice before packaging ready, students must first with your airline to confirm how many free checked baggage you can bring. This can bring some things as possible without causing too much luggage. In terms of general situation, airlines allow checked baggage in the 20 - free of charge 30 kilograms. ( Each company's specific provision is not the same, so the students or the best or calls) If your baggage exceeds the scope, then you have to pay for part of the extra. So from the point of view of saving money or effort, not carry too much baggage. The most let a person in distress situation is discovered, many students abroad a lot of things, also can buy local and cheaper. But if you really have a lot of necessities to carry, so can contact with airlines, in advance or delay the checked some baggage, so also can reduce the cost. If you have too much luggage, so in order to reduce the cost to a great extent, don't choose the airline baggage at this time. Because airlines if the baggage is overweight, not only will be fined, the number is considerable. At this time by sea is a good choice. Luggage shipping fee is according to the cubic meters, rather than weight, and the calculation of different way to save all are red renminbi. So, want to take how much there is no problem. Another VIPU international logistics Supply Chain warned that although shipping luggage many problems solved, but the classmates when carrying goods must not follow one's inclinations, want to take what he brought. Must be in strict accordance with the airlines or shipping of rules and regulations to carry baggage items. Otherwise the light be confiscated, or will be fined. Here have a look at what are the items we are not together can carry. The first is you don't have to see the rules and regulations can also guess items. Such as powder, liquid, battery, inflammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic, radioactive substances, polymer material, magnetic materials and other dangerous articles, as well as weapons, tool and weapon, animals and so on. Needless to say, of this kind of goods in the domestic subway, bus also carry are banned. Believe that no one would have doubt, after all, safety problem of top priority. The second are not allowed to be packed in the checked items for: important documents and data, the diplomatic bag, securities, currencies, Shall not carry large amounts of cash) , money orders, valuables, fragile perishable items, and other items of need specialist care, clip into the baggage check. This also need not say too much, important items must carry baggage there is a risk of loss, damage etc. , in the event of lost, if you carry has explicitly banned to carry valuables, so can only according to pay compensation to the value of a normal item, that thed loss outweights the gain. Small make up also believe that smart students won't make such a low-level mistakes. About sleep luggage overweight and checked baggage if solution considerations also spoke about. The final VIPU international logistics Supply Chain remind everybody, in the packing, must put the baggage packing is complete, and try to choose high pressure resistance box, can deal with small togeth. Finally, wish everyone have a happy studying!
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