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Global Manufacturer Cuts Costs and Drives Efficiencies

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-05
Partnership, Transportation Management, ManufacturingThe world's leading provider of receipt and innovative label solutions turned to GlobalTranz to create visibility, enhance communications, and fully merge acquired businesses.The ChallengeThe world's largest manufacturer of paper receipt rolls and custom labels faced a challenge: how to integrate two new acquisitions while reducing transportation costs and improving efficiency. A managed transportation partnership with GlobalTranz turned out to be the perfect solution.GlobalTranz's client, a global company with operations in North America, Chile, and Europe, is the world's leading provider of receipt and innovative label solutions for the retail, restaurant, and banking industries. In 2017, the client acquired two companies and was seeking to fully integrate them with its core business. The client and the acquired companies were each taking different approaches to transportation procurement, management, and freight payment. It became clear that in order to create visibility, enhance communications, and fully merge the businesses, the client would need to unify their approach to transportation and logistics.The client launched an RFP process and evaluated six different 3PLs. Through the evaluation process, the client was seeking a partner that could offer a scalable, flexible solution, with both short-term savings and long-term strategic planning. The SolutionThe client ultimately selected GlobalTranz as its managed transportation services provider. GlobalTranz implemented its fully custom, integration-ready, enterprise-level TMS, GTZconnect™, placing the client and its recent acquisitions in a single electronic environment and thereby driving visibility, communication, efficiency, and consistency.In addition, implementation of GTZconnect provided scalability and flexibility to easily onboard future acquisitions.The GlobalTranz team immediately began managing both truckload and LTL shipments, providing extensive reporting to track savings and KPIs every step of the way. GlobalTranz developed a detailed roadmap to help the client achieve its desired savings, and has delivered the immediate savings as promised, with the potential for achieving additional savings as a result of GlobalTranz's rate negotiations and relationships with truckload and LTL providers.To learn more:email: info@globaltranz.comphone: 866-275-1407 www.globaltranz.com
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