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Give full play to the advantages of the supply

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-30

'Ensuring the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain' is one of the important contents of my country's 'six stability and six guarantees'. In the post-epidemic era, how can we leverage the innovative advantages of the supply chain service platform to protect the stability and sustainable development of the industrial chain?

On June 20th, the 14th session of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Supply Chain Innovation and Application Online Forum was successfully held. Li Qianyi, vice president of Shenzhen Eternal Asia Supply Chain Co., Ltd., said 'In the post-epidemic era, supply chain service platform companies are the guarantee of the industrial chain With the theme of 'Convoy', Eternal Asia shared its supply chain innovation and application experience and put forward constructive thinking. Regarding how to ensure the stable development of the supply chain, she proposed three directions: one is to accelerate the pace of 'new infrastructure' in supply chain services; the other is to build an industrial supply chain platform across the country, and form a strong ecological service capability through the 'supply chain +' Promote a new driving force for urban economic growth; third, launch the dual engines of 'import supply chain' and 'export supply chain' to comprehensively promote the regionalization and globalization of enterprise supply chain service systems, and create an 'international business card' for Chinese supply chain service enterprises.

The forum was hosted by Xiao Rongchen, Director of the Supply Chain Development Division of the Market System Construction Department of the Ministry of Commerce, and Hu Dajian, Director of the Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Committee of China Internet of Things, made a concluding speech. Professor Mingke He, Deputy Dean of Beijing Materials College, Professor Liu Weihua, Director of the Department of Operations and Supply Chain Management of the Faculty of Economics and Management of Tianjin University, two experts attended the meeting and commented, representatives of relevant ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Commerce, representatives of supply chain authorities across the country, representatives of enterprises, and institutions More than 400 people and representatives from research institutions participated online.

The role of integrated supply chain service platform is increasingly prominent

The supply chain service industry has emerged and flourished amid the rapid economic development of China and the wave of global economic integration. On the contrary, the third-party supply chain service platform has an important role in promoting economic development. Especially in the epidemic, the supply chain innovation and application pilot companies represented by Eternal Asia took advantage of the integrated supply chain service platform to ensure market supply and promote the resumption of work and production, fully demonstrating the power of the modern supply chain.

Xiao Rongchen pointed out that supply chain service platforms often take supply chain services as the entry point, effectively synergize the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, and conduct management and process optimization of each link, so as to promote the overall cost reduction and efficiency increase of the supply chain. At the time of China’s entry into the WTO, the level of enterprise supply chain management was generally low. Third-party platforms were empowered by supply chain services, which greatly improved the efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises, and promoted the coordination and integration of related industries and the construction of standardization and informatization. Economic development has made an important contribution. Eternal Asia is one of the representative companies.

Li Qianyi described Eternal Asia's 'full-process integrated supply chain service panorama'. Its original intention was to reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises and industries, and provide customized, professional and full-process supply chain services for customers and industry needs. Specifically, let companies focus on R&D and production core business, outsourcing non-core business procurement, sales, marketing, distribution, logistics and other 'non-core business', and integrate resources from the supply chain platform to optimize the management of all links in the entire supply chain. Provide an integrated overall solution to minimize costs, improve efficiency, and build corporate competitiveness.

In all aspects of procurement, sales, and logistics services, Eternal Asia has formed a special model, such as logistics links, building a B2B, B2C one-stop logistics service platform to provide customers with all-round services such as international and domestic logistics, bonded logistics; in VMI In terms of inventory management, focus on the core companies in the production and sales chains in the industry chain, share inventory changes and actual consumption data of core companies and suppliers, flexibly formulate inventory replenishment strategies, and reduce business flow, logistics and logistics caused by uncertain forecasts. Waste of information flow.

Eternal Asia's integrated supply chain service platform based on the industrial chain has played an important role in boosting the regional economy. Li Qianyi introduced that the platform relies on the Internet of Things and big data to improve the relationship between upstream and downstream supply chains, achieve end-to-end coordination of production and sales, promote different industrial clusters, and drive regional economic development. Industrial parks, enterprises, governments, etc. are all service objects of Eternal Asia. Through the establishment of joint ventures and other cooperation methods, relying on local industrial advantages to create a 'supply chain integrated service platform' driven by a dual chain of 'industrial chain + supply chain', and help local governments Revitalize the regional economy. At present, more than 15 joint venture companies have been registered in more than 20 cities in Guangxi, Sichuan and other provinces and cities.

Deepening the 'supply chain + ecology' strategy, Eternal Asia has relied on multiple cross-border integrated service platforms and resource integration advantages to ensure the continuous supply of medical and living materials during the epidemic period in the battle against the epidemic. In the post-epidemic era, Li Qianyi proposed personal thoughts on the direction of ensuring the stable development of the supply chain: one is to accelerate the pace of the 'new infrastructure' of supply chain services, improve the level of digitization throughout the supply chain, and improve the service quality of all links in the supply chain; the second is to build nationwide The industrial supply chain platform forms a new driving force for urban economic growth through the powerful ecological service capabilities of 'supply chain+'; the third is to launch the dual engines of 'import supply chain' and 'export supply chain' to comprehensively promote the enterprise supply chain service system Regionalized and globalized layout, creating an 'international business card' for Chinese supply chain service companies.

Hu Dajian spoke highly of Eternal Asia’s innovative practices and gave personal suggestions. He pointed out that Eternal Asia’s business model keeps pace with the times and conforms to the development of the market economy. On the basis of solid offline service capabilities and professional experience, Eternal Asia has opened up online and offline, and has accumulated the basic capabilities of ecological providers. At the same time, Eternal Asia has leveraged its strong advantages in supply chain integration to establish a vertical industrial chain with some cities. A beneficial attempt in supply chain integration is a new trend in Eternal Asia’s business innovation. He suggested that Eternal Asia should attach great importance to integration and appropriately reduce its dependence on liquidity while expanding its business; in addition, strive to be the leader of the industrial Internet and digital economy, and firmly be a comprehensive service provider for supply chain integration.

Innovation, deep cultivation, integration to help development

Regarding how to promote the development of supply chain management and services in my country at this stage, the guests at the meeting gave their wonderful views, and 'innovation', 'deep cultivation' and 'integration' became a consensus.

Li Qianyi put forward four suggestions: promote the deep integration of supply chain service companies or manufacturing supply chain main enterprises, encourage manufacturing companies to outsource non-core business, and improve the efficiency of industrial supply chain operation management; vigorously develop digital logistics, establish smart warehouses, and consolidate digitalization Supply chain service foundation, improve the comprehensive service capacity and service efficiency of commercial circulation; cultivate a group of 'specialized and precise' supply chain management and service backbone leading enterprises, supply chain service enterprises are not only supply chain service providers, but also supply Chain solution provider; the government promotes the strengthening of credit information exchange and sharing between supply chain service companies, credit information sharing platforms, financial institutions, etc.; encourages financial institutions, supply chain service companies and other innovative financial service models to provide efficient and convenient financing for small, medium and micro enterprises channel.

He Mingke, deputy dean and professor of Beijing Institute of Materials and Materials, pointed out that the conditions for the development of China’s supply chain services are divided into two levels: from the perspective of enterprises, they need to have overall design capabilities, resource integration capabilities, business operations capabilities, professional service capabilities, process control capabilities, and ecology. The six capabilities of construction capabilities have the conditions to develop supply chain services. In terms of cities, 80% of China’s supply chain service companies are located in Shenzhen, with strong supply chain service demand, market-oriented factor configuration environment, fierce market competition, transparent supply chain information, sound supply chain infrastructure, and professional Supply chain personnel and a good business environment have given some inspiration to urban development supply chain services. Judging from Eternal Asia’s innovative practices, supply chain services have certain requirements and thresholds. They are much more complicated than a single specialized business. In addition, the external environment in which the company is located is also very important. Not all companies are suitable for supply chain service companies. In addition, the supply chain service model does not have a fixed model, and should continue to innovate, and promote the development of supply chain services through the innovation of supply chain service models.

Professor Liu Weihua, director and professor of the Department of Operations and Supply Chain Management of the Faculty of Economics and Management of Tianjin University, proposed the importance and necessity of 'deep cultivation' and 'integration' of supply chain management. He pointed out that deep cultivation is the first law to ensure the sustainability of supply chain management, not only the industry and region where it is located, but also its customers. The supply chain often faces an uncertain environment. In this case, how to effectively improve the efficiency of the supply chain has become a core proposition of supply chain management. 'Integration' is the core of supply chain management, and integration capability is also the core capability of supply chain service companies. The development process of several stages of supply chain management (in addition to the four stages of China’s supply chain management: island stage, supply link stage, internal supply chain integration stage and extended supply chain stage, it may also develop to the stage of value-based supply chain creation. ) Is not only the integration of elements, but also the integration of scope, links and regions.

He also pointed out that the supply chain services are three-dimensional and full, and the model is constantly evolving, especially under the current uncertain factors, the supply chain services of enterprises must be flexible to effectively ensure the stability and safety of the supply chain.
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