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Getting Crafty with Supply Chain Solutions - Inbound

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-05
3PL, Demand Planning, Customer ServiceVerst Logistics helped an arts and crafts supplies company address peak season challenges and growing sales by expanding its supply chain capabilities.The ChallengeA high-growth arts and crafts supplies company decided it had to pursue a new path to improve its limited supply chain capabilities. Sales growth during the fourth quarter peak period had created challenges in getting orders processed accurately and on time. While growing sales is a very good thing, the problems that resulted were significant, impacting customer satisfaction and lowering fill rates. Additionally, forecasting in a high-growth business was difficult, and staffing for a peak season that lasts only a few days was nearly impossible. Shipping out of a single distribution point in California to reach East Coast customers added to the problems. As peak hit, the management team had to work side by side with their 3PL's employees picking, packing, and shipping orders to keep up with volumes. The SolutionThe company began its search for a partner to execute its supply chain and improve customer satisfaction. The search led the company to Verst.Verst created a plan to utilize its 396,000-square-foot fulfillment facility located in a key Midwest logistics corridor. Additionally, Verst partnered with Locus Robotics, a leader in state-of-the-art robotic technologies, to address peak season challenges by incorporating computer-guided bots for picking and packing speed and accuracy.Now Verst fills orders for all geography east of the Mississippi, including a portion of product volume shipping direct to retailers, while following strict order compliance. The Verst solution handles more than 99% of all orders on time. At the height of the holiday peak, more than 100,000 units were picked and packed in one 24-hour period, with 90,000 units being confirmed and shipped out the same day.The arts and crafts company now has a solution for reaching its direct and indirect customers that can grow with its business and operate smoothly throughout the entire year.To learn more:phone: 800-978-9307 web: verstlogistics.com
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