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Express what should pay attention to matters _VIPUTRANS to Bangladesh

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-30
Bangladesh is located in the north of the bay of Bengal, the southeast mountain with a small number of Burma's neighbours, east, west, north three borders with India, Bangladesh is the third largest trade partner of China in South Asia. A delivery to Bangladesh what should pay attention to matters. Below small make up details for you. 1, the shipper must along with the cargo information, correct and detailed declaration of the goods information. 2, export products in Bangladesh, packaging must indicate the company name of the importer's name, address, id number, place of origin, in order to check the relevant information on inspection. Therefore, the l/c usually corresponding provisions. Sent to Bangladesh, 孟加拉国) The electronic product and its components have the following * new customs regulations: ( 1) Along with the cargo data must declare each detail the number of goods, commodity, do not accept general commodity declaration, such as; Computer accessories & throughout; , must be listed in detail is: hard drive, memory card, motherboard, or other, etc. ( 2) Along with the goods invoice must be correct to declare the goods information, and to declare the true value, such as being wrong information to declare customs seized goods or goods value is lower, the customs will confiscate the goods or forcibly returned to the point of origin, the goods return without prior notice/receive before delivery; ( 3) The goods declared value of more than usd 15, shipper with the goods are to be provided the l/c ( 信用证) Or the import license. About; Delivery to Bangladesh what should pay attention to matters throughout the &; Problem, the above content has detail clear for everyone, hope I can help you.
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