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Exporting to Canada FBA head route Amazon warehouse

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-19
The Amazon FBA head warehouse in Canada is a receiving warehouse. It only takes care of receiving the goods. Regardless of other things, such as customs clearance, payment of tariffs, providing importer information, etc., these services are not handled by the Amazon FBA warehouse, which requires the sender to do it himself Processing, the sender has limited resources, you can use our FBA first-line freight forwarder to handle it. The freight forwarder has a customs clearance company that can specifically clear customs and then send it to the Amazon warehouse

  The advantages of the Canadian Amazon FBA first trip (why should the goods be shipped to the Amazon warehouse):

  1 Save the cost of logistics management for the first-haul transportation of Canada Amazon FBA

  2. Fast Amazon FBA first-haul transportation service allows your goods to be safely delivered to foreign Amazon FBA first-haul warehouses

   3. Amazon Canada will limit the total amount of a single business. It will not fill in the shipper’s export declaration list, nor is it responsible for the declaration list.

  4. Even if the buyer requests, the goods shipped to the overseas Amazon FBA head warehouse will not be returned.

   5. If there is a problem with the overseas delivery address of the item, Amazon will not deliver it.

  6. ??Amazon will not calculate or display taxes, taxes, and their evaluation for orders that will be shipped overseas

Amazon FBA head trip

   How to print FBA labels?

  A: 1. Product label:

  (1) The easiest way is to print it out with labels automatically generated by Amazon.

  (2) Download a barcode generator, and then copy and paste your product FNSKU or ASIN, and then add SKU according to your needs and print it out. The quantity can be entered by yourself when printing. For example, if there are 10 pieces of product A, select 10 when printing, and then stick them on the packaging bags of those 10 products.

   2. Carton label, when sending FBA, a print box label will be exported at the end. Export to PDF and print it directly on A4 paper.

   What labels does FBA need to print?

  A: The product label and the outer box label must be printed, otherwise it cannot be put into the warehouse. Now Amazon does not need to print the packing list. If you want to record it yourself, you can also choose to print it.

  What should I pay attention to when attaching the outer box label?

  A:1. For goods sent to FBA, 2 FBA labels should be posted on the outer box of each goods, preferably on the side of the outer box; do not cross the packing line. Otherwise, it may be damaged during transportation, which will affect storage.

  2. Packaging:

  A The outer box cannot have a branded logo;

  B Try to use a neater, thicker, and good-quality outer box;

  C For heavier/fragile items, the relevant logo can be pasted on the outer box, and the box should have necessary fillers (such as film, etc.).

   If the product has two packages, is the product label attached to the inner or outer packaging?

  A: The product label is affixed to the outer packaging. If it is an inner packaging, Amazon also needs to open the package and scan it for shelf.
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