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Export customs declaration and inspection transportation

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
Export process

1. Stocking

The company is ready to produce the goods to be exported, and the warehouse must provide accurate export goods data (detailed quantity per box, packaging conditions (carton, wooden box, naked packaging, etc.), gross weight, net weight, and separate quantity of different varieties and specifications. Etc.) to the export order production staff.

This link mainly pays attention to the need for good contact and communication between the sales department (export business department), production department, warehouse, and finance department (customs declaration preparation). Pay attention to the data between orders, warehouse receipts, and export packing lists. Consistency and high accuracy to avoid errors.

Two, export orders

After obtaining accurate export goods data from each department, start to make export contracts, invoices (special export invoices are required), packing lists, export verification forms (issued by SAFE), and the following should be noted:

1. contract

① Pay attention to the continuity of the contract number for future verification;

② The type, quantity, and amount of export in the contract must be greater than or equal to the corresponding content on the invoice, and the unit price must be consistent;

③ The price term must be consistent with the invoice. It is best to use the FOB price term to facilitate tax refunds in the future.

2. invoice

① It is better to use the FOB price term to make the price to facilitate the tax refund in the future;

② Pay attention that the amount and currency system cannot be entered wrongly;

③ Note that the content is consistent with the contract;

④ There is a copy of 'Customs Deposit and Inspection Sheet' in the export invoice, which is dedicated to the customs declaration.

3. Packing List

① All exported goods (different varieties and specifications) should have their own gross weight and net weight, so that each product can be accurately declared to the customs;

② Note that the content is consistent with the invoice.

In short, the order should be consistent with the order and the order should be the same during the preparation process.

3. Export Commodity Inspection

1. If the inspection unit applies for inspection by itself, a special inspector is required, and the inspector needs to apply for an inspector certificate;

2. If you entrust a customs declaration company to handle the commodity inspection procedures, you need to sign an 'Inspection Authorization Letter' each time;

3. For export goods subject to statutory commodity inspection, the relevant documents (contract, invoice, packing list, etc.) of each exported goods must be provided to the commodity inspection agency, and go through the commodity inspection procedures at the Commodity Inspection Bureau of Guangzhou or the Development Zone to obtain the “commodity inspection clearance required for export declarations” single'.

Four, shipping quotation

Our company quotes the corresponding ocean freight price (including THC fee) according to your export destination country. If your company often exports to several relatively fixed countries and regions, our company can apply for preferential prices from the shipping company, and at the same time, The company signs a relative time (usually one month to six months) and relatively stable price agreement for which export destination countries and regions, so as to save time and cost and facilitate the accounting of export costs.

Five, chartering and booking

1. After the export goods are ready, and all the documents are ready, you can start booking. It is best to tell us to book the cabin one week before shipment, otherwise there may be a delay in the shipping date;

2. Two to three days must be reserved for customs clearance before shipment (that is, the export goods will enter the terminal warehouse two to three days in advance after booking, so as to prepare for early and timely declaration to the customs to prevent missed shipping dates);

Six, transportation

1. After our company booked the ship for your company, about three days before the shipment, we began to dispatch the trailer to the container terminal, and then picked up the empty container to your company for loading, and the freight to the export terminal;

2. Our company handles the relevant procedures for the container to enter the terminal.

Seven, customs declaration

Our company prepares all the documents required for export declaration and declares to the customs. Under normal circumstances, our company can complete all customs clearance procedures within two days after declaration.

8. Bill of Lading

After the export goods are cleared, our company will promptly ask the shipping company for the original bill of lading (if the procedure is for telex release, the bill of lading is not required) and send it to your company.

Nine, the collection (settlement) of foreign exchange, tax refund link form

After customs clearance, our company will promptly print out each export collection (settlement) and tax refund joint customs form to the customs and hand the original to your company for foreign exchange collection and tax refund.
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