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Experience sharing of logistics to the United States

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Here to Australia after, she found herself bubble BBS yes more time. Also saw some story about logistics and posts. Think of their own logistics, is really very tired. To have a friend need immigrants logistics more by the value of the reference, I still say I moved to Australia and view. Speaking, in fact I when deciding logistics has been considering whether to need to use by sea, but the thought was settled for a long time, I decided to by sea way, after all these things are what they want to use all the year round. Because they have friends who are working in the international freight company, also has more detailed understanding for this, all I have to ask some of the detail of the problem, a variety of convenient yourself ready for. Since decided to shipping, you must to find a shipping company. In the case of a friend and you know, I also is among several companies. Because did not personally used their services, all can't decide to come down at the moment. Although friends suggested that I use ASIA EXPRESS, but the price still can't accept it. Because you are probably a few party, didn't have any furniture electrical appliances, so the price is too high or not able to accept it. Finally accidentally learned about a company called online VIPU Supply Chain international Neptune international private goods transportation company. Because they offer I can accept, and they give me the quotation is very detailed lists need to pay fees. Abroad costs, seven segment is column three items, I know this is also should have to charge the most basic, the most important thing is that no extra costs attached, this is the most let a person feel real, is also feeling is on. In the end I also confirmed that we won't have any expenses by mail. So I chose this company. International logistics lp VIPU Supply Chain within the prescribed time to come to the house to ship the goods to me after packing, about eight days after the ship. Has to deal with customs clearance, I went to the customs for clearance, not for a moment is complete. After trying to contact VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp, on the day and see if I can come and help me with the goods, agreed to each other is very good. So, my family and I went to the warehouse to handle the pick up the goods, the day will be a few cases goods back to the rental housing. I took the box to apart, record the inside all the luggage. The logistics time is longer, but fortunately, everything go smoothly. And most of the shipping items, without damage, but the only regret is guzheng shelf has a leg broken, but this problem is not too big, use some glue or repaired. Although freight has insurance, but really not particularly valuable things badly damaged, so no need to pursue, in general, the shipping was fairly well, the total cost is RMB 7177 ( Domestic segment costs) + $117 ( Foreign agency fee) C + 40 ( The warehouse fee) + c $100 ( Logistics fee) A total of RMB 8890 yuan. Article source VIPU international Supply Chain, reprint please indicate the source.
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