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Expensive land for the logistics industry, financing

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-01

  The picture shows the busy Tianjin Port. According to reports, in order to ensure the efficient operation of the logistics chain, Tianjin Port Group invested 13 million yuan in yard transformation, which increased the overall throughput capacity by 80%. At the same time, in order to promote the stabilization and recovery of foreign trade, 65 million yuan of rents for small and medium-sized enterprises were reduced or exempted, and “real money” promoted the facilitation of cross-border trade. Reporter Wu Nature and Shang Rui Photo Report

   Transportation is the basic link and important carrier of logistics, as well as the main force in the development of the logistics industry. Recently, the General Office of the State Council forwarded the 'Implementation Opinions on Further Reduction of Logistics Costs' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Implementation Opinions') of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Transport. The 'Implementation Opinions' put forward 24 key tasks and 35 specific measures from the five dimensions of 'systems, elements, taxes, information and comprehensive costs', of which 24 are related to transportation. In this regard, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Transport and interpreted the 'Implementation Opinions'.

The logistics industry is an important composite industry that connects production and consumption. Promoting the reduction of logistics costs plays an important role in smoothing the circulation of the national economy and enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry. It is also a good job of 'six stability' and implementation of the 'six guarantees' task. Objective requirements.

   In recent years, my country has introduced a series of policy measures to reduce logistics costs. With the gradual release of policy dividends, the level of social logistics costs has steadily decreased.

   However, the logistics industry has the characteristics of many points, long lines, and wide coverage, involving production, sales, transportation, distribution, management and other links, and is a typical composite industry. In this regard, the person in charge said that in order to further reduce logistics costs, we cannot start from just one point. The key is to realize the joint efforts of transportation, storage, and management to achieve the lowest cost of the entire chain.

   From the perspective of the total logistics cost composition, the current logistics storage and management costs are rising rapidly. Data show that in 2018, my country's logistics storage and management costs increased by 13.8% and 13.5% respectively year-on-year. In response to the above issues, the 'Implementation Opinions' clearly stated that it is necessary to cultivate backbone logistics enterprises and improve their comprehensive service capabilities and international competitiveness. Improve the development level of modern supply chains, and promote the integration and innovation of modern supply chains with agriculture, industry, and trade and circulation.

   At the same time, the logistics industry is large in scale, involving a large number of companies and employees. Relevant data shows that most of my country's traditional logistics companies and transportation companies are generally in a state of meager profit, with an average profit rate of less than 5%, and their ability to resist risks is weak.

   In this regard, the 'Implementation Opinions' clearly stated that it is necessary to reduce the cost of land used by logistics enterprises and provide key guarantees for the construction land indicators of major logistics projects. To reduce financing costs, increase government funding and credit services. It is necessary to continue to reduce the cost of corporate taxes and fees, study and promulgate detailed rules for the continued implementation of the policy of halving the urban land use tax on the land used for storage of bulk commodities, and continue to reduce the transportation fees.

   'The implementation of these measures will effectively alleviate the difficulties of logistics enterprises in land use, expensive land use, and financing difficulties, and realize the transmission of logistics enterprise costs to lower logistics costs.' The person in charge said.

   In addition, the 'Implementation Opinions' put forward specific measures in optimizing the business environment, improving infrastructure networks, promoting logistics standardization, and promoting information interconnection. For example, improve the procedures for license and permit processing, promote off-site endorsements; promote the construction of logistics infrastructure networks, etc., to achieve the joint promotion of 'quantity cost reduction' and 'efficiency cost reduction', and create for the further improvement of China's comprehensive logistics efficiency Better conditions.

The person in charge stated that during the epidemic prevention and control period, in response to issues such as the excessively rapid rise of logistics costs, the Ministry of Transport has promoted the exemption of toll roads, exemption of import and export cargo port construction fees, and reduction in accordance with the decisions and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. The semi-levying of the ship oil pollution damage compensation fund, the reduction of cargo port fees and port facility security fees, and the abolition of mandatory emergency services and emergency response fees for non-tank and cargo ships have further alleviated the difficulties of enterprises.

In the next step, the Ministry of Transport will accelerate the implementation of the relevant requirements of the 'Implementation Opinions', starting from the aspects of structural cost reduction, institutional cost reduction, and management cost reduction to further reduce comprehensive transportation costs, improve transportation quality, and enhance competition among logistics enterprises The strength, so that logistics practitioners and service targets can enjoy the results of related reforms.
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