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Entry Australia declared drug problems

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
Q: immigration Australia declare problem of carrying drugs added: parents will visit to Australia, because the drugs needed to carry 1 year, so the quantity is more. At the time of entry if declare, looked at the entry card don't know should choose which one, please experienced comrade to give directions. Thank you for your answer: choose the first item, asked me to pass, as high blood pressure medicine, or heart medicine, no matter, it is easy to pass. Australia mainly check the food, you put all the food in the same box, check by them, no other things had been at ease. As long as it is medicine or not sure whether the goods to declare, declare, or omission was found will be punished by the customs. Items after declaration is brought the luggage to the customs for X-ray scan, so nothing to do with whether the checked baggage, brought together more than a year of drug a bit, it's best to ask the local customs, if not allowed, can let relatives from domestic mail, choose professional international baggage service. Drugs/food belong to sensitive items, VIPU international can Supply Chain through special channels to help you check in, but because of the customs control of sensitive items need to pass from different provinces customs control relatively loose barrier to help you to send out the item, to avoid the customs check a fastener, sensitive items, ninety percent can be smooth customs clearance.
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