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Emigrated to Canada, what items are most often?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Canada is a highly developed country, a pleasant climate, beautiful environment, welfare and health improvement, and the open cultural environment, attract people from all over the world came here to work, study, there are many people chose to settle in here. Indeed, compared with other European and American countries, Canada has a relatively generous immigration appeal, and are, therefore, become the first choice for Chinese immigrants in Canada. For many successful to get the card of immigrants, the next step is to bring the luggage items of domestic in the past, how much is the cost of logistics from China to Canada? What items to carry more profitable in the past? First of all, said the cost of logistics to Canada and a lot of factors. In general, the main factors influencing the price is the volume and selecting of value-added services, most of the international logistics lp is charged by volume, and may provide additional value-added services, such as on-site assessment, packing boxes, trash cleaning, etc. , of course there are some other, such as time, distance, etc. , so be sure to consult the regular professional logistics lp, can obtain the exact price. But of course, from the domestic logistics to Canada, cost consists of the following two kind of cost: ( 1) Fixed cost: packaging costs, transportation costs, shipping costs, on the destination port charges incurred during the customs clearance formalities charge,, Canada store service fees and other fees specified in the contract. In service is determined, namely according to the cubic number to determine the fees. ( 2) Floating charge: Canada customs inspection fee, fumigation charges, storage, loading and unloading or send in an additional manpower costs ( Such as Canada house elevator, block not access vehicles need workers with the foot car transport) And so on in the contract not mentioned, but in the actual produce cost. Logistics cost is a lot of people choose one of the standard of international logistics lp, but here it is important to note that choose you, is not secure, may encounter the phenomenon of informal logistics lp unreasonable charges, and cheap, may be some unreliable companies at a low price to attract customers, but in fact, professional level is low, unable to provide customers with high-quality logistics services, time consuming and low efficiency are likely to encounter, so want to choose to charge reasonable professional international logistics lp. Answer to the question of the articles carried by Canadian customs regulations, new immigrants, Canadian citizen, people, such as a permanent resident of Canada, in the domestic used items can be duty-free entry of more than 1 year of can take this opportunity to carry some high value or have a memorable items, these items is the most often in the immigrant category with items, you can refer to it. ( 1) On the furniture. Is, after all, many immigrants living in China for a long time, suddenly logistics abroad and home furniture is a little cut out for many years, in addition, many Chinese furniture is super cheap bargain, even buy new again plus freight, are much more cost-effective than buying directly in Canada, and, more importantly, foreign furniture style is not in conformity with the Chinese aesthetic in many ways, so even willing to spend money to buy, are not able to buy their favorite. Comprehensive above, all kinds of furniture is people choose handling most of the items. ( 2) On textiles. Curtains, cloth, cushion, bedding, carpets, towels, kitchen textiles, quilts, blankets and so on. Some of these items in a foreign country stomach-turning expensive, and design the single, while the domestic is very cheap, and mattress, foreign soft mattress, a lot of people are not used to sleep, so choose to move from home to abroad. ( 3) About the electrical appliances. For electrical appliance to carry, this is very noticeable. Canada's national voltage is 110 v, and the present domestic the most common use is 220 v, that is to say the domestic electrical appliance is unable to use in Canada. If carry electrical appliances, suggest to buy wide choice when voltage adapter, such as currently there are 110 v - Adaptive voltage between 230 v, the Canadian can be normal use. In addition, Canada is two hole socket, suggest to take three hole socket adapter before the entry, lost one thousand buy in Canada is not very good. ( 4) Books, paintings. In addition to the collection of books on their own, also can buy some books, foreign paper book really expensive, and also a rare Chinese books abroad. Oil painting can have the effect that make the finishing point in living in adornment, frame together with a lot of people move, foreign mounts cost is very expensive. ( 5) On the piano. A lot of logistics to Canada customers are like to carry the piano in China in the past, after all, piano high value. ( 6) Other items. Such as souvenirs, all kinds of photo albums, picture frames, guest book, these are all belong to memory the treasure, possesses a memorable. Clothing shoes and hats, pick something expensive, there are memorable, like the move. The other children's toys, sport equipment, music equipment, etc. , will also have many immigrants choose away. In addition to the above items are suggested, and some can't carry, such as not allowing new immigrants to carry such as animal and plant seeds, without the processed meats and without inspection and quarantine of livestock in, so I hope to carry objects such friends, please consider carefully. Advice first take a look at customs, embargo, item information, listed in very clear. Journey far, of course, the international logistics to Canada long time, so in advance logistics planning is very important. To set aside enough time, relations of logistics lp, packaged goods, etc. , do a good plan, can let your trip to logistics become more interesting and efficient.
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