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EFW's Net Promoter Score Program Measures Customer

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-28
Customer Service, Supply ChainScott Fisher, President/CEO, Estes Forwarding Worldwide, 804-495-4400Q: Why implement a Net Promoter Score Program?A: The Net Promoter Score (NPS) has become one of the most popular approaches to measure and improve customer service. It's a metric that a growing number of our clients are adopting to gauge not only customer satisfaction, but our performance.Along with recognizing the transformative business value these methodologies could bring to our organization, our Net Promoter Score Program directly supports our company's mission statement—to deliver the EFW Experience by exceeding expectations each and every time. By leveraging technology and the availability of information, we are able to collect, analyze, and distribute valuable feedback on an ongoing, real-time basis.We're proud to be leading the adoption of the metric in the freight forwarding industry. If it's important to our clients, it's important to us. Q: What are the keys to successful implementation?A: As with anything, laying a solid foundation is key. Our NPS initiative has been fully embraced by our executive team and it was important to ensure that internally, we had the right capabilities to be successful. Our Director of EFW Experience worked closely with the Owen CX Group founded by Richard Owen, the co-creator of NPS. We consulted with them on the right strategy to meet our goals, and the development of our program roadmap.Cross-organization education has been a focus. We've invested in NPS Masterclass Certification for our executive team and department leaders, and all EFW employees have completed Net Promoter Score Program training. Building a common language and foundational understanding of customer experience strategy is important and we actively share program information and feedback with all of our employees on an ongoing basis.More than just a score, the net promoter score system allows us to obtain valuable feedback, which we can build into our operating systems, address concerns, and fuel innovation. It's important to establish your program's analytics and ROI models. Reporting results, ongoing coaching, and dedication to continuous improvement are key.Q: How many of your competitors have implemented a Net Score Program?A: To the extent that EFW has implemented a program? Though we've seen a few report a score, we aren't aware. This is not a vanity metric for us. We are committed to our NPS Program. In fact, we've developed a team solely dedicated to the EFW Experience and our team and client journeys. We believe this information will help drive the evolution of the EFW Experience and fulfillment of our mission—to exceed expectations each and every time.
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