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Door to Door Russia Shipping Service from China Include Duties and Customs Clearance

Door to Door Russia Shipping Service from China Include Duties and Customs Clearance

Since 2019 More and more E-commercial products are sent from China to Russia door to door include duties and customs clearance in faster way, which will meet Russian expenses' demand closer. Let Viputrans support your business to grow prosperity and quickly.

China to Russia with fast special line (Common cargo or Cargo with inner battery).All route line by air shipping cover for all Russia address and delivery by Russia local express

 Our advantage

1.       The Volume of daily processing order is over 20000+

2.       The Volume of Service user is over 4000+

3.       ERP system application

4.       The rate of successful delivery and signature is over 95% 

Shipping Instruction

Size limit Weight limit Volume limit Insurance fee

Volumetric weight calculate

The volumetric weight heavier than exact weight, for the IATA rules, the air company would  take volumetric as the chargeable weight. (Volumetric weight =volume X 167)


1. Settlement weight: add the length of three sides ≥ 75cm to calculate the bubble, compare the actual weight with the volume weight (length * width * height / 6000), whichever is greater; charge one ticket per piece; lift 100 grams; settlement Weight 2KG

2. Size limitation:

The longest side + 2 * (width + height) ≤ 300cm, the longest side does not exceed 180cm;

3. Product restrictions: can be connected to built-in, supporting, pure electricity and mobile power; mobile phones, laptops, tablet computers, each ticket requires an additional 30 yuan / Taiwan.

Do not accept airline prohibited: magnets, flammable and explosive items, offensive weapons, currency, reactionary obscene newspapers, books and carrier imitations, food, medicines, animals and plants, tea, liquids, powders, granules, and chemicals

Exported goods, such as antiques, currency, and contraband; if customers find items mailed by air, counterfeit or counterfeit goods, or prohibited by customs orders, they will be checked by the aviation or related departments and the goods will be detained or seized, and the consequences will be borne by the customer

4. Track website http://www.17track.net/zh-cn or https://www.cdek.ru/

5. Reference transit time 15-20days

6. Customs clearance: normal channels.

7. Insurance and compensation:

Without insurance: 

Lost parts before going online: declared value (up to twice the freight limit) + return freight;

Post Office Loss: Compensation according to the declared value, twice the upper limit of freight, non-refundable

Insurance Services: Service Provider Insurance (CDEK)

Calculation of premiums: Premiums are based on 2% of the sum insured, and the maximum insured amount is 800 yuan

Insurance process: Select service provider insurance during system record forecast and fill in the insurance amount

Insurance payment: lost parts before going online: insurance amount (up to 800 yuan) + return freight;

Lost service providers with insurance: Insured amount (up to 800 yuan), non-refundable freight

Limitation of claims: Within 90 days after delivery, the claim period is generally 10 days. If the claim information is submitted after the deadline or the package status is updated during the claim period, the claim is invalid.

Claim information: A. Screenshot of order details after refund; B. Screenshot of fund details after refund; Note: The value of the transaction proof does not match the insured amount, whichever is lower.

8. Instructions for return:

After the parcel arrives in Moscow, change the address and charge half the cost of the parcel freight; the parcel is returned to China at 150 yuan / KG returned to the domestic port warehouse.

Special reminder: once the customer agrees to accept our company's services, by default they have read the remarks of this price list and our shipping terms and accept all terms.

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