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Customs seal? / what is the seal?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Customs seal generally has two kinds of circumstances: customs seal is one: the goods from one customs area to another customs export area of the customs, this way is called a transit goods. Advanced in this case the goods to the customs clearance, customs clearance after customs will add a customs seal, and then transfer the goods to another customs export. Customs seal condition 2: normal customs clearance when the customs check ark, after the customs check ark, plus a customs seal. Other related concepts: reclaims: for the customs supervision of goods due to reasons such as review need to once again put the seal behavior called & other; To seal & throughout; , hereinafter referred to as heavy. The seal: internal contact, transfer the relevant documents for the customs use bearing & other; Customs seal & throughout; Words, can seal the envelope. Shut: a metal seal used for the goods under customs control disposable elongated blockade. Paper: sealing to seal small goods under customs control at a paper seals. Customs seals, seal sealing on the sealing of goods under customs control at a paper, indicate the name of the specific customs and year, month, day are called seals.
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