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Cross-border e-commerce drives new demand for international air transport, and traditional forces are being kicked by rookies '-Air transport knowledge

by:VIPUTRANS     2019-12-28
Abstract: The development of cross-border e-commerce not only injects new vitality into traditional e-commerce, but also leads many deep-level changes in the logistics industry. According to sources, the development of cross-border e-commerce not only injects new vitality into traditional e-commerce, but also leads many deep-seated changes in the logistics industry. Thanks to the pulling effect of cross-border e-commerce on the demand for international air transportation, the international air cargo market shows signs of recovery. At the same time, emerging international air logistics is continuously impacting the traditional power of the industry. According to data released by the International Air Transport Association in February this year, global air cargo demand in 2017 (Calculated according to cargo tonnage kilometers)Year-on-year growth of 9. 0%, while the growth rate in 2016 was only 3. 6%. According to the statistics of China's General Administration of Customs, the total retail import and export volume through the customs cross-border e-commerce management platform reached 902 in 2017. 0. 4 billion yuan, an increase of 80. 6%. All kinds of signs show that under the background of the recovery of global cross-border trade, especially the strong growth of cross-border e-commerce, international air cargo carrying the heavy responsibility of fast cross-border is receiving more and more popularity. Benefiting from the strong global air cargo demand environment, traditional cargo airlines generally had good performance in 2017. According to data from 21st Century Business Herald, Luxembourg Cargo Air, Europe's number one all-cargo airline, increased by 12. 5% in 2017. 3%, the loading rate increased to 70. In 1%, the company's after-tax net profit soared from 5. 5 million US dollars in 2016 to in 2017. $22. 3 billion. Domestic aviation logistics enterprises also get a share from the cross-border e-commerce market. Wang Jianmin, deputy general manager of China Eastern Logistics, revealed in March this year that the cross-border direct business of China Eastern Logistics increased by 4. In 2017. 2 times. As one of the main businesses of China Eastern Logistics fast supply chain platform, China Eastern logistics's cross-border direct business has achieved rapid growth, indicating that cross-border e-commerce has provided a new way for the business transformation of some traditional aviation logistics enterprises. Previously, Cao Yunchun, director of the airport economic research center of Civil Aviation University of China, in an interview with the China Business Daily, attributed the rapid growth of international air express to the development of cross-border e-commerce. He said that according to statistics, the current value of cross-border e-commerce trade accounts for 35% of global trade, while cross-border e-commerce mostly uses international air transportation. With the further development of cross-border e-commerce, international aviation logistics will play an increasingly important role. Although cross-border e-commerce brings new opportunities to traditional airlines, the demand for air transportation generated by cross-border e-commerce also attracts e-commerce giants to gradually enter the market. On May 2 this year, Cainiao announced the opening of an intercontinental route from Hong Kong to Belgium. Before that, Cainiao had opened Hangzhou-Intercontinental flights on the Moscow route. Logistics enterprises formed based on e-commerce soil have more initiative in cross-border e-commerce supply chain to some extent. Therefore, for traditional airlines that rely on customer needs, their 'air superiority' is undoubtedly challenged by these rising rookies.
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