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Corresponding to the volume and the selection of container in international logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
In the international logistics, because of cost-effective, transport by sea is the choice of most customers. Find the international logistics lp offer solutions. Often mentioned LCL or FCL. Actually in term of shipping LCL and FCL & other; Box & throughout; , is refers to the container. So what are commonly used container size? How do you choose? Below VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for your interpretation: types have a lot of container, dry containers, 干燥的容器) , liquid cargo container, freezer, container, etc. The most common is dry container. Although the size of the container are international standards, but all of the different ship company container size will be slightly different, of course for international logistics customers, generally do not need to do too much in this dispute, because of different shipping company container size difference is very small. Our regular dry containers, for example, there are three kinds of specifications: 20 feet container measured in size: 5. 890m( Long) x2. 342m( Wide) x2. 388m( High) , up to 28200 kg. 28 cubic volume 33 m3, can usually be loaded goods; International logistics three-bedroom furniture, electrical appliances, item can be hold. 40 feet container measured in size: 12. 017m( Long) x2. 342m( Wide) x2. 388m( High) , up to 28800 kg, volume of 67 cubic meters, can usually be loading 58 cubic goods; International logistics logistics suitable for villa, or 20 feet cabinets to hold. Extensions 40 feet container measured in size: 12. 017m( Long) x2. 342m( Wide) x2. 693m( High) , up to 27600 kg, volume of 85 cubic meters, about 68 cubic meters. Usually can load 68 cubic goods. International logistics is suitable for villa logistics. Although the container volume is big, but the reality is not so much. Box and the box, there is always a gap between the gap is inevitable. So about the available volume and container volume there is a certain gap. Generally, if you have to move to a three-bedroom house, 20 feet container is enough to put all things move out, VIPU Supply Chain need to whole container shipping international clients, mostly using 20 feet container, or four or five bedroom a few villa, 40 'containers may be used.
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