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Container shipping import and export business process

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
1. After receiving a full set of documents from the customer, it is necessary to find out which shipping company the imported goods belong to, which shipping agent acts as a shipping agent, and where they can be exchanged for the bill of lading for customs clearance. (Note: The full set of documents includes the original bill of lading or telex copy with endorsement, packing list, invoice, contract).
   1. Contact the shipping company or shipping agency in advance to determine the time and location of the ship's arrival at the port. If you need to transfer the ship, you should confirm the name of the second-way ship.
  2. Confirm with the shipping company or shipping agency in advance about the replacement fee, escort fee, and time for replacement.
  3. Contact the good station in advance to confirm the cost of carrying the suitcase, the fee for removing the suitcase, the loading fee, and the return fee.

2. The original bill of lading with endorsement (if it is a telex release, the fax and the letter of guarantee can be sent with the telex release) to the shipping company or shipping agency in exchange for the bill of lading and the equipment delivery order.
   1. There are two forms of endorsement. If the consignee column on the bill of lading shows 'TO ORDER', it will be endorsed by 'SHIPPER': if the consignee column shows the real consignee, the consignee must endorse.
  2. The letter of guarantee is a written certificate issued by the importer to the shipping agent requesting the release of the cargo. The guarantee includes the port of import, port of destination, ship name, voyage number, bill of lading number, piece weight and importer's signature.
  3. When changing the order, carefully check whether the copy of the bill of lading or telex is consistent with the container number and title on the bill of lading.
  4. The delivery note is divided into five copies, the white delivery note, the blue expense bill, the red expense bill, the green delivery record, and the light green delivery record.
5. Equipment Handover Form: It is the certificate for the transfer of containers and other mechanical equipment between the container user, the container carrier and the container manager or their agent when the container enters and exits the irrigation area, the station, and the container manager issues the container The function of the certificate. When containers or mechanical equipment are lent or recycled at the container terminal yard or freight station, the terminal yard or freight station shall make an equipment handover form, which will be signed by both parties as the proof of equipment handover between the two.
   Container equipment handover orders are divided into two types: entry and exit. Handover procedures are handled at the gate of the terminal yard. When leaving the yard, the yard staff, the container user, and the container carrier shall jointly review the following main content on the equipment handover list: the name and address of the container user, the time and purpose of leaving the yard, the container number, Specifications, seal number, whether it is empty or heavy, the condition of the machinery and equipment, whether it is normal or abnormal, etc.
When entering the terminal yard, the staff of the terminal yard, the container user, and the container carrier shall jointly review the following contents on the equipment handover list: the container, the return date of the mechanical equipment, the specific time and the appearance at the time of return, the container, The name and address of the person returning the machinery and equipment, the purpose of entering the yard, the name and address of the owner of the full container, the number of ships to be loaded, the route, and the port of unloading.

3. Use the exchanged bill of lading (1, 3) and attach the customs declaration documents to declare.
  Customs declaration documents: After the bill of lading (1, 3) is released by the customs, the release stamp shall be stamped on the white page and returned to the importer as a proof of delivery. Original packing list, original invoice, contract, import declaration in duplicate, original declaration entrustment agreement, and various certificates involved in customs supervision conditions.
   1. After receiving the customer's full set of documents, the commodity code of the goods should be confirmed, and then the customs duties should be checked to confirm the import tax rate and the supervision conditions for the goods. If various inspections are required, they should report to the relevant agencies before customs declaration. Documents required for inspection: two copies of application form for inspection, original packing list invoice, contract, and import declaration.
   2. When changing the bill, the shipping agency shall be urged to transmit the manifest to the customs in time. If there is any problem, the customs manifest room shall be contacted to confirm whether the manifest is transferred to the customs.
  3. When the customs requires opening the box and inspecting the goods, it should contact the station in advance and deploy the machine force to transfer the checked box to the station designated by the customs. (Confirm with the station in advance the transfer fee and the fee for box removal.)

4. If the goods are subject to legal inspection, they should go through inspection procedures.
   If commodity inspection is required, the import commodity inspection application form (with official seal) and two customs declaration forms must be used for registration before customs declaration, and the commodity inspection registration case seal shall be stamped on the customs declaration form for customs clearance. The inspection procedures are handled at the final destination.
   If animal and plant quarantine is required, the packing list, invoice, and contract declaration form must be submitted to the inspection agency to apply for inspection before customs declaration, and the customs declaration form shall be covered for clearance for customs clearance. The inspection procedures can be carried out in the yard after customs clearance.

5. After customs clearance and clearance, you should go to the third inspection hall for the third inspection.
   Provide packing lists, invoices, and contract declaration forms to the inspection agency in the hall, and they will apply for inspection on their behalf. After the inspection, you can pay at the unified window in the lobby. And stamp the three inspection release seal on the white bill of lading.
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