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Container shipping freight?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
Container transport ideas originated in the early 19th century, initially mainly engaged in railway and highway transportation. By the end of the 20th century, dominated by maritime transport of international container transport development is rapid, become the key to the world into the era of containerization transportation period. Container shipping freight rate compared with the railway, highway transportation is a lot cheaper. What are the advantages of container shipping? 1. Save transport goods packaging materials. Use container transport can simplify the transport packaging, packaging material saving and cost, reduce the transportation cost; 2. To ensure the goods transportation safety. Container transport has greatly reduced the number of human in traditional mode of transportation loading and unloading, handling, so that we can effectively avoid damage to the goods, lost human and natural factors, reduce the economic loss; 3. Simplified handling procedures. After the goods by container shipping, with cases as the transportation unit, reduce the complex operation procedures; 4. Loading and unloading efficiency is greatly increased. Due to the container loading and unloading mechanization, significantly enhance the efficiency. Shorten the retention period of the container port at the same time, accelerate the cycle of the transport and cargo delivery 5. Ease of automation management. Container is a kind of normalized transport unit, be helpful for automation management. International logistics, the current study abroad more personal items such as transportation, container shipping way. About how much container shipping freight rate, can be directly consulting domestic some international logistics lp.
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