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Container shipping forwarder in the 'heavy tank & quot; Mean?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
In the international logistics, often there will be the 'ark'. Under different scenarios, the meaning of the heavy tank is different, generally has the following three kinds of explanation. , increase the ark because each container has the most time, loading exceeds this limit, variant possible enclosure, backplane, top beam bending damage, etc. And export of goods has a lot of volume is not very big but the gross weight is very big, such as sheet, safety glass, etc. , the general common container cannot afford such a heavy load, so that want to export these heavy cargo company often require owners to provide a upon confirmation of shipping space increase ark of special services, such as 20 feet aggravate the ark. Therefore, the ark of the heavy tank is refers to the increase of this case. Second, the ship company standard of heavy tank under normal circumstances, the ship company will set their own standard weight, the most basic is no damage to the container. As 20 gp, as long as more than 21 tons of cargo weight, even if the heavy tank. Up to very much, also has a regulation. Such as more than 21 tons of 20 gp is overweight, but most can't more than 26 tons. Why ship company to set their own standard overweight? 1) Every ship has a weight and counters ( The shipping space) Limit, as far as possible in order to save the cost of shipping companies to increase profits, of course is that I wish to take light cargo, so under normal circumstances, of a container ship 'heavy ark shipping space is limited. Different routes, weight policy may be different. Such as: heavy industry developed in northeast China and north China, may be heavy tank more concentrated, so the dalian port, tianjin port and other heavy tank is more, there will be a weight limit has been reached, but there are a lot of free space is not full. In order to compensate for the losses, the ship company will lower the standards of heavy tank, how to price strategy, as long as more than a weight charge extra shipping charges. 2) There is a kind of situation is not with his boat ship company, but to buy other ship company shipping space to transport, the limitation on the weight will be more strictly, because the space between the shipping company to buy or sell a is in accordance with the 1 teu = 14 tons or 16 tons standard to calculate, more than the weight not to give into the boat. 3) Finally, according to different season, season, or the heat of different routes, ship company may adjust heavy tank policy accordingly. Three heavy ark cabinet, cantonese region is already loading the container of the goods. In southern China in ( Hong Kong, guangdong, guangxi, etc. ) , 'empty', 'the ji also heavy'. Is heavy 'as is the so-called' empty 'extraction of empty container, after loading the goods, and then the &heavy also to specify yard'. This sense, the so-called &heavy, is a 'container' until the cargo has loaded, regardless of how many goods, there are multiple. Even if only a few tons, also called &heavy/heavy tank. 'Ji also heavy' refers to 'extraction box, after loading the goods, then &heavy also to specify yard'. Auspicious box is empty, because in cantonese 'empty' and 'evil' homophones, empty containers is fierce sound box, and all the people speak cantonese more superstitious, feel bad luck, so I changed my name is ji box.
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