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Container Loading System Helps Sawmill Meet Loading

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-29
Packaging, Logistics, Supply ChainThe ChallengeIn 2017, one of the biggest softwood sawmills in Latvia "AKZ" was facing a new challenge - how to load containers with timber without scratching the package, not to mention the product itself. Quality demands from potential customers overseas were so high that the previous loading system was not the way to go.Specialists from AKZ conducted market research and found out about technology which helps to load containers on a special plate which slides into the container and after the load is pulled out for the next load. Several benefits of the container loading system for AKZ specialists have led to the choice of this solution: Total loading cycle (in/out) takes only 5 minutes; Because of the "all at once" principle, damages to product or packaging were as minimal as possible; Cost reduction on additional workforce from many to only one operator; Time savings on overall operations; Safety aspects of loading procedure: clearer and more predictable; Weighing option before loading secured from risks to get penalty on the road to port which was well above 100 km.
 The SolutionThe manufacturer of this system is a local Latvian company called “SmartTEH” that is located in Riga. Representatives from AKZ visited some plants in Latvia that are already supplied with SmartTEH’s solutions for container loading and other industrial technologies. The decision was made to order this container-loading equipment.After three months, the loading system was delivered and installed on AKZ's sawmill plant. Installation and instructions took only one day.After two years of loading containers with SmartTEH’s container loading system, AKZ specialists admit the benefits of this more advanced and proper system are indisputable. AKZ notes that: “Not only do we deliver product without any dispute or penalty, but attract even more clients because of the stability of the technological process and time of loading cycle."Automation on every step of manufacturing is crucial nowadays and even ascetic industries like saw milling are taking a challenge on every step.For more information, on SmartTEH's container loading system and other solutions, go to www.smartteh.eu.
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