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Container import and export trade process-container

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-02
Container import trade process: Container import business process (1) Freight documents. Proceed with the production of relevant shipping documents from the export port. (2) Distribute documents. Send the documents to agents, container freight stations and container yards respectively. (3) Notice of arrival. Inform the consignee of the arrival time of the ship so that it is easy to prepare for receiving the goods and issue an arrival notice after the ship arrives at the port. (4) Bill of lading. According to the notice of arrival, the consignee holds the original bill of lading to the shipping company (or agent) in exchange for the bill of lading. (5) Bill of lading. After the shipping company (or agent) verifies that the original bill of lading is correct, it issues a bill of lading. (6) Delivery. The consignee shall go to the container yard to handle the procedures for picking up or picking up the goods with the bill of lading together with the import license. (7) FCL delivery. The container yard delivers the consignee's container according to the bill of lading and goes through the equipment handover procedure with the owner's representative. (8) LCL delivery. The container freight station delivers on the bill of lading. Container export trade process: Container export business process (1) Booking. The export company shall go through the booking procedures with the shipping company (or its agent) in advance according to the trade contract. (2) Issue packing list. After confirming the booking, the shipping company issues a packing list and distributes it to the container yard and freight station, according to which the empty container and freight handover are arranged. (3) Send empty boxes. The empty boxes required for FCL shipment are delivered to the shipper by the shipping company, and the empty boxes required for LCL shipment are generally collected by the freight station. (4) LCL cargo packing. The container freight station checks the consignment goods according to the booking order and issues the goods receipts at the station, sorts them, and then packs them in the station. (5) FCL packing. After receiving the empty box, the shipper packs it and transports it to the container yard on time. (6) Handover of goods. The station receipt is the voucher for the consignor ’s shipment and the shipping company ’s receipt. (7) Exchange for bill of lading. The shipper exchanges the bill of lading with the shipping company based on the receipt of the station, and then settles the foreign exchange with the bank. (8) Shipment. The container yard carries out shipment and shipment according to the ship stowage plan.
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