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Consumers Set Their Sights on Visibility - Inbound

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-29
Retail, E-commerce, Technology With COVID-19 disrupting the traditional retail model and more consumers expecting to find, buy, and receive products wherever and however they desire, the need for retailers to optimize and elevate their supply chain capabilities is imperative for maintaining sales and brand loyalty, finds a survey by enVista. Other key findings in the survey include: 87% of consumers indicate product availability is a key factor when choosing where to shop. 67% indicate that inventory visibility across physical stores, online, and via mobile are important services to offer. 48% of consumers say having the option to pick up their online order in store is an important factor in choosing where to shop. 65% say that a retailer's ability to buy anywhere and ship anywhere is an important factor in their purchase decisions. 64% say the ability to choose shipping speed versus shipping cost is an important factor when choosing where to shop online. 49% indicate that sustainable practices are a key factor when choosing where to shop. 39% say next-day delivery is important, 31% look for same-day delivery, and 27% look for two-hour delivery.
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