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Congo (Brazzaville) bans the import of goods without

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-26
On November 16, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Consumption of Congo (Brazzaville) Euloge Landry Kolelas announced the ban on the import of goods without French labels.

  According to Gang News Agency (ACI), on November 16, Congo (Brazzaville) Minister of Foreign Trade and Consumption Euloge Landry Kolelas announced the ban on the import of goods without French labels.

  After holding a meeting with merchants and importers, the Minister of Foreign Trade just said that imported carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages and juice beverages without French labels but with foreign labels must be sold before January 2017. This grace period allows merchants to sell their inventory. He warned that if the grace period is exceeded, the offenders will be punished according to law.

  On November 17, the Minister of Foreign Trade had just issued a notice prohibiting the import of goods without French labels. The report said that it was discovered that the market was full of various types of products without French labels, and consumers had risks in purchasing and using these products. To this end, it is necessary to strictly implement Congo (Brazzaville) Law No. 3-2007 of January 24, 2007 on import, export and re-export management. Article 27 of the law clearly stipulates that any import of goods or services without a French label is considered illegal. Mainly involves imported beverages, cosmetics, medicines, pesticides and electronic products. The specific enforcement is the responsibility of the General Administration of Competition and Anti-Commercial Fraud (DGCRFC) of the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Philippe Nsonde-Mondzie, Director General of the Congo (Brazzaville) Competition and Anti-Commercial Fraud Department, said that actions have been taken in recent days, starting with the inspection of some non-compliant beverages. Some illegal drinks have been seized.

  Aboubakar Siema, deputy secretary-general of the Retailers Association, said many merchants complained about the work methods of on-site inspectors.

  A businessman named Arnaud Mount, both an importer and a retailer, complained that beer dealers adopted unfair competition practices to prevent other merchants from engaging in business activities.

   It is reported that the capital Brazzaville and Pointe Noire have already begun to seize illegal goods.
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