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Conditions for NVOCCs?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-26
In April 2019, the State Council issued the 'Decision on the Cancellation and Decentralization of a Group of Administrative Licensing Matters', and the approval of the NVOCC business was cancelled and replaced with the record. The Ministry of Transport will establish a filing and credit management system for non-vessel carriers, promptly disclose credit records to the whole society, and establish a joint undertaking mechanism for untrustworthy enterprises. The examination and approval of reform and filing, and the cancellation of the deposit and insurance system have undoubtedly reduced the burden on NVOCCs. For non-vessel carriers, this policy is quite favorable. With the support of the government, the work of non-vessel carriers is easier. What are the conditions for handling non-vessel carriers? What information is needed? The NVOCC qualification certificate is valid for 5 years, and the enterprise certificate holding the NVOCC is about to expire. You need to apply for an extension of the license replacement business 1-2 months in advance. So as not to affect the normal operation of the business. Conditions for applying for a NVOCC business When applying for a non-vessel carrier business in China, an enterprise legal person must submit an application for bill of lading registration, a photocopy of the enterprise legal person's business license and a sample bill of lading issued by the enterprise registration authority when applying for bill of lading registration and deposit payment in accordance with law. Foreign companies applying to engage in non-vessel-cargo business for the transportation of goods into and out of Chinese ports shall entrust agents in China to complete the procedures for registration of bills of lading and payment of security deposits with the Ministry of Communications. When entrusting an agent to handle the aforementioned procedures, a power of attorney must be provided. For newly established enterprises engaged in non-vessel shipping business, the applicant should submit documents, articles of association and major investor agreement and other documents, and complete the registration of bills of lading and pay the deposit in accordance with the law. Book 'to complete business registration procedures with the enterprise registration authority. Requirements for enterprises to apply for NVOCC: 1. Continuous operation for more than 3 years; 2. Registered capital of more than 500,000; 3. The average annual tax income for three consecutive years has reached 4 million yuan or the annual average billing amount has reached more than 40 million. 4. There are two forms for applying for NVOCC for non-vessel carriers: one is to pay 800,000 security deposits to the Ministry of Transport, and the other is to buy insurance instead of paying security deposits. You can decide which form to use based on your needs. In addition, if a U.S. company pays a deposit of 96,000 US dollars (75,000 + 21,000) under the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission), the application in China for the China-US route NVOCC certificate is not required, and the deposit may not be paid. Submit materials to the Port Authority; 5 working days if the materials are complete and accepted by the port authority; The port will send the materials to the Water Transportation Department of the Ministry of Communications; The Department of Water Transport of the Ministry of Communications of China needs to review 15 working days; After the review is correct, the list of NVOCC will be published on the website of the Water Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Communications; After 10 working days, obtain a copy of the . The NVOCC process is basically completed. List of materials applied by NVOCC: I. List of insurance materials: 1. Original insurance policy (format provided by the agent); 2. Copy of business registration documents of the enterprise; (Domestic enterprises provide business licenses) 3. Copies of corporate organization code certificates; 4. Certificates of the company's average operating income in the past three years (annual or December financial statements: copies of income statement, profit statement, balance sheet) The above documents need to be sealed. 2. List of materials for applying for NVOCC: 1. Application form (provided by the agent) 2. Feasibility study report (format provided by the agent) 3. Copy of business registration document of the enterprise (business license provided by domestic enterprise) 4. Original original sample of bill of lading (3 copies without stamp) 5. The original and photocopy of the underwriting confirmation and temporary receipt issued by the insurance institution; 6. For foreign-funded enterprises, a copy of the foreign investment approval certificate is also required. 7. Copy of Articles of Association (required by Dalian enterprises) 8. Acceptance Form (format provided by Guangdong enterprises, filled on-site by Liaoning enterprises) All copies of the above materials should be stamped in duplicate (except for Guangdong, Shandong, and Liaoning enterprises in four copies), printed and copied on A4 paper, signed with a black pen, and stamped clearly and completely.
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