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Concept and Connotation of New Logistics Mode:

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-15
In an industry, there will always be people to explore. After entering, they will find ways to develop it and then transform in a certain direction. In recent years, with the development of the logistics industry, various problems have emerged. In order to solve these problems, a 'new logistics model' was proposed and caused widespread concern in the industry. In this article, we will take a look at the concept and connotation of the new logistics model. I. Concept of new logistics model 'New logistics' is not a development form at a specific stage, nor is it a paramount ultimate form. It is a collection of logistics that is dynamically changing and developing, rich in types and levels, full of innovative vitality, and intensive resource utilization. Through a systematic review of related research at home and abroad, we find that the 'new logistics' system mainly includes the following important components and key dimensions, namely automatic logistics, product intelligence, intelligent transportation systems and the Internet of Things, and self-organized logistics. 'New Logistics' is based on the in-depth application of information technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, and combines with the mechanization, automation, and standardization of traditional logistics to meet the individual needs of users and fully mobilize the potential of resources. Features such as transparency, flexibility, collaboration, and immediate response can effectively support retail and other business innovations to achieve efficient, green, and safe logistics development. It is not difficult to find that the essence of 'new logistics' is based on the continuous upgrading and full reconstruction of the original elements, provided that the supply chain is digitized, the foundation is the increasingly perfect construction of distribution facilities and logistics networks, and the support is the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and mobile The key to the development and application of new technologies such as payment is sharing and collaboration among network partners. Second, the characteristics of new logistics Dynamic 'New logistics' is not static, but an innovative business format that is constantly changing and developing. Of course, this statement does not deny the specific pattern and corresponding characteristics of its staged presentation. Investigating its essence, dynamics are mainly reflected and rooted in the following two aspects: First, the change and development of 'wisdom'. Due to the rapid development of new technologies represented by science and technology, information technology, network technology and big data, the connotation of 'smartness' is continuously enriched, and the level of 'smartness' is continuously improved. Second, the change and development of 'logistics'. The strengthening of supply chain collaboration and logistics integration, as well as the further development of shared logistics and information platforms, promote the transformation, upgrading and innovation of the logistics industry. The interaction between the two naturally forms a more dynamic form. 2. Systematic At the current stage, the most common form of 'new logistics' development is the application of information technology in the logistics industry, so many people's understanding of it is mainly limited to the technical level. It is undeniable that the development of logistics really depends on the advancement and application of technology to obtain 'wisdom', but this is not the only way. To be precise, 'new logistics' is a composite system, and the technical support is only one level and content in the system. In addition, it also involves all aspects of the system, organization, management, and system operation. In this large-scale system, new technology plays a very important role, but it cannot be separated from system integration, organization, management, and operation. The development of 'new logistics' is undoubtedly the product of the above factors. . 3. Universality The universality of 'new logistics' is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, the logistics industry is universal. Although in the initial stage of the development of 'new logistics', this form appears more in the exploratory practice of some industries or enterprises with the realization of 'new logistics'. With the accumulation of experience and the strengthening of collaboration and sharing, it can drive other industries or enterprises, thereby realizing the intelligent upgrade of the logistics industry in all aspects. Second, the universality of value creation. The significance of developing 'new logistics' is not only reflected in the improvement of corporate performance and market share, but also in creating value for customers and contributing to the economy, society and people's livelihood. 4. Progressive The comprehensive upgrade of China's logistics to 'new logistics' is a relatively ideal strategic prospect and long-term planning. This requires the long-term construction of the full cooperation of the logistics industry, and the step-by-step realization of the goals and tasks of the subdivision stage.
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