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Common sense about the billable weight of items in international air transport

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
When immigrating overseas or studying abroad, we usually choose air freight to consign our luggage. When we transport our own items by air, we often encounter that the weight or size of the air transported items does not meet the requirements. At this time, the main reason is that we do not understand the weight restrictions and size requirements of the air transported items. So what are the important requirements for the size of items in air transportation? What is the billing method? Please follow the editor of VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics to learn some common sense about air cargo billing weight! 1. Common sense of air freight billing weight: 1. Heavy cargo (Highdensity cargo) (1) Heavy cargo refers to cargo that weighs more than 1 kilogram per 6000 cubic centimeters or 366 cubic inches or more than one pound per 166 cubic inches. The billable weight of heavy goods is its gross weight. (2) If the gross weight of the goods is expressed in kilograms, the smallest unit of chargeable weight is 0.5 kilograms. When the weight is less than 0.5 kg, it is calculated as 0.5 kg; when the weight is more than 0.5 kg and less than one kg, it is calculated as one kg. If the gross weight of the cargo is expressed in pounds, when the cargo is less than one pound, it is calculated as one pound. 2. Low Density Cargo (1) Light cargo or light foam cargo refers to those goods that weigh less than 1 kilogram per 6000 cubic centimeters or 366 cubic inches or less than 1 pound per 166 cubic inches. (2) Light-bubble cargo uses its volume weight (Volume Weight) as the billable weight. The calculation method is: Measure the longest, widest, and highest part of the cargo without considering the geometry of the cargo. The unit is cm or inch. , The mantissa of the measured value is rounded off. Multiply the length, width, and height of the goods to get the volume of the goods. This is a volume charge method, because air freight is different from land freight. It mainly calculates the occupied space, not the weight. Convert the volume into kilograms or pounds, that is, divide the volume value by 6000 cubic centimeters or 366 cubic inches or 166 cubic inches according to the different measurement units used. The processing method of volume weight mantissa is the same as that of gross weight mantissa. 3. Multiple goods (1) In the case of centralized consignment, there will be multiple goods under the same waybill, including heavy goods and light goods. At this time, the chargeable weight of the goods is based on the total gross weight or total The higher the volume weight is calculated. (2) First, calculate the total actual gross weight of the whole batch of goods; secondly, calculate the total volume of the batch of goods, and find the volume weight; finally, compare the two values, and use the higher as the chargeable weight of the batch of goods . The editor mainly analyzes air cargo billing from the common sense of air cargo billing weight. It can be seen that there are three standards for air cargo billing weight. One is heavy cargo, the other is light cargo, and the third is multiple cargo. The fee method is also different, so everyone must read it clearly! 2. Air cargo size requirements: There are usually two ways for airlines to air cargo to customers, one is to transport cargo by air on all-cargo aircraft, and the other is to carry cargo in the belly compartment of passenger aircraft. For the all-cargo aircraft, because it only loads cargo, it can carry a large weight, so there are not too many restrictions on the size of the cargo. Passenger aircraft are different. Taking into account the personal safety of passengers, the size of the cargo in the belly compartment of the passenger aircraft must be regulated and restricted, and it must be determined according to different models. Generally speaking, passenger aircraft are divided into two types: wide-body aircraft and non-wide-body aircraft. Wide-body aircraft is also called wide-body aircraft. Wide-body aircraft has at least two aisles and has more than 200 seats. Common wide-body aircraft include Boeing 747, 767, 777 and Airbus 300, 310; non-wide-body aircraft are also It is a small plane with less than 200 seats and the passage is only a single passage. The difference in fuselage size between wide-body and non-wide-body aircraft determines their different restrictions on the size of air cargo. 3. Requirements for packaging of goods (1) The packaging of goods should be strong and intact to prevent the packaging from rupturing, leakage and loss of contents during transportation; to prevent damage or deterioration of goods due to stacking, friction, shock, or changes in air pressure and temperature; Prevent injury to operators or pollution of aircraft, ground equipment and other items. (2) The packaging should not only be suitable for the nature, condition and weight of the goods, but also convenient for handling, loading and unloading and stacking; the outer surface of the packaging should not have protruding nails, hooks, thorns, etc.; the packaging should be clean, dry, free of odor and oil stains. (3) The advance materials (such as wood chips, paper chips) in the package must not leak. Except for goods packed in paper bags (such as documents, materials, etc.), all consignments should be tied with packaging tape. It is strictly prohibited to use straw bags or straw ropes to bundle goods. (4) The packaging tape used to tie up the goods should be able to bear the full weight of the goods and ensure that they will not be disconnected when the goods are lifted. (5) If the packaging of the goods does not comply with the relevant regulations in this manual, the shipper shall be required to improve or repack the goods before they can be accepted for transportation.
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