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Collaboration Provides Unification, Visibility

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-29
Partnership, Manufacturing, Big DataTForce Worldwide partnered with a large manufacturing client, building a system that met its needs and a unified platform that provides complex data to support better business decisions.When an organization has a large, nationwide network, each with different software systems, methods, and management, it can be challenging to optimize the supply chain. Without integration, visibility, and the proper metrics, it is difficult to identify, let alone remedy, bottlenecks in the process. The team at TForce Worldwide understands these complexities to find a workable solution.Tackling a Complex NetworkA large industrial manufacturing client was experiencing challenges with their freight payment and auditing company. They had an immediate need for this role, but took it as an opportunity to standardize and streamline network processes and make better business decisions.With a complex network of more than 50 distributors, they had difficulty getting their goals and objectives aligned under a single platform. They had made several previous attempts to implement a single solution across their network, without much success. RFPs were sent to a number of logistics businesses to see who would be the best partner for them. Ben Manion, owner of the TFWW Office in Charlotte, and his team put together a solution that resonated with them.TFWW's approach centered on understanding the client's unique challenges, goals, and key factors causing them to want to make a change. Their corporate proprietary system was not being utilized for supply chain, and with the numerous, conflicting systems and methods across their network, they needed a partner who could merge everything in one system.A Unified Platform Supports Decision MakingThe TFWW Charlotte team held countless meetings with the client, and utilized TFWW's teams from operations, finance, and IT to build the system that met the client's needs and wants, while ensuring the solution met all systems and operational requirements. They collaborated to bring the client one, unified platform that is simple to use and provides complex data to aid in making better business decisions.Using TFWW Connect, full system integration was recommended with their SAP. This would serve to provide them with unification from order placement through invoice payment, across their network, with the visibility and reporting they wanted.KPI metrics were created based on touchpoints the client wanted to track in order to find where they had bottlenecks. This included reports such as "Days to Ship," which demonstrated the length of time from order receipt to shipment to delivery. This was something they were keenly interested in and had wanted to get data on for a number of years.This solution was the result of a combination of continual communication and tremendous teamwork, especially from TFWW Charlotte. Said James Yates, VP of sales & business development in Charlotte, "Through collaboration and partnership we implemented solutions that enabled a standardized methodology for managing all supply chain and transportation needs across the United States and Canada, provided a single point of accountability, integrated multiple IT systems while providing real-time tracking/traceability, leveraged the global spend from multiple modes of transportation to reduce cost, and reduced risk by enforcing a fully DOT compliant, certified, and insured carrier base."Optimizing Processes and Delivering Significant savingsThe integration of the client's SAP system and successful conversion of their network to TFWW Connect allowed them to identify strategic locations from which to ship their product, add distribution locations in order to optimize delivery, and discover bottlenecks to improve efficiency. They have also improved their freight payment and auditing processes, providing them the ability to reposition their own assets. Best of all, the client has saved nearly $1 million over the prior fiscal year.Ben and his team in Charlotte have provided continued support, and their ongoing relationship with the client has helped implement new features and improvements to the system.
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