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Cold chain logistics 'hot'

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-03
  Cold chain logistics is an important infrastructure for the transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables. This year, the central government’s “No. 1 Document” proposed to start the construction of cold chain logistics facilities for the storage and preservation of agricultural products. In recent years, with the emergence of new economic models such as fresh food e-commerce and home delivery of vegetables and fruits, cold chain logistics has ushered in a golden opportunity period. What are the new forms of cold chain logistics? What convenience does it bring to our lives?  

   With just a tap of a mobile phone, fresh products from all over the country, even all over the world, such as fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs, seafood and aquatic products can be delivered to your door as soon as possible. Especially during the epidemic prevention and control period, in order to reduce the gathering of people, the demand for online shopping has increased, and the distribution of fresh products has increased. Whether it is packaging, warehousing, transportation, or the last-mile distribution link, which part of the lack of cold chain logistics will affect product quality. In 2020, the cold chain logistics market is expected to reach 469.8 billion yuan. How does cold chain logistics ensure freshness from field to table?

   Modified atmosphere preservation

  High nitrogen and low oxygen make fresh apricots 'hibernate', the freshness period is extended from 7 days to 25 days

   In early summer, in the apricot orchard, apricots are already covered with branches, and there is a sweet smell in the wind.

   This is Yingjisha County, Kashgar Prefecture, Xinjiang. It is one of the 10 poor counties in Xinjiang that has not yet taken a hat off. The poverty level is deep and the task of poverty alleviation is arduous. There is a history of planting apricot trees for more than 400 years, and almost every household has apricot trees. However, the short preservation period and long transportation distance have always been a barrier to the 'going out' of Yingjisha fresh apricots.

   How to get through the way out of Xinjiang? Modified atmosphere preservation technology has become a choice. By adjusting the gas ratio, storage and preservation are realized.

   In 2018, Xinjiang Fruit Industry Group cooperated with Yingjisha County to establish a standardized management system for the production, packaging and sales of fresh apricots. In 2019, Xinjiang Fruit Industry Group built 1 automatic machine sorting production line and 9 nitrogen filling packaging lines in Yingjisha. After being sorted automatically on the production line, the fresh apricots are put into an egg-tray packaging box filled with nitrogen. In the high-nitrogen and low-oxygen packaging box, fresh apricots begin to 'hibernate' with slow metabolism, and the freshness period is extended from 7 days to 25 days. Protected by ice packs, absorbent cotton and shockproof cotton, the freshness of the apricots can still be guaranteed after long-distance transportation.

Yang Yongxiang, executive president of Xinjiang Fruit Industry Datang Silk Road E-commerce Co., Ltd., introduced that a new type of intelligent multi-functional refrigerated truck equipped with comprehensive preservation technology, intelligent network technology, and cloud platform management technology is also helping Xinjiang fruits to go. Get out. In July 2019, this new refrigerated truck has successfully transported 30 tons of fresh apricots from Yingjisha County to Beijing for sale.

   'Our apricots are not worried about selling now. Last year, my family earned nearly 20,000 yuan from apricots.' Standing in my apricot garden, Xing Nong Wu Buli was full of confidence.

   cold chain train

   There is a clear cost advantage in the long-distance transportation of fresh food over 6,500 kilometers

At the Manzhouli port in Inner Mongolia, trucks of fruits and vegetables are quickly clearing customs. They will be transferred to Moscow and other places via Russia’s Zabaikalsk. At the same time, a large amount of meat, dairy products, ice cream and other foods are imported to China along the return train, forming a 'two-way' Transportation' channel.

   More than 300,000 tons of domestic fruits and vegetables are exported to Russia through the Manzhouli port every year. Due to the declining cost of railway cold chain transportation, many fruit and vegetable exporters have begun to try to export fruits and vegetables to Russia through railway containers.

'During the epidemic prevention and control period, the same amount of goods transported from Harbin to Moscow by road is more than 1/4 more expensive than railway.' Zhang Shuang, general manager of Harbin RTS Technology and Trade Co., Ltd. of Heilongjiang Longyun Group, introduced that the railway cold-chain container is at 6,500 Long-distance transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables over kilometers has obvious cost advantages.

   In addition, railway transportation has the advantages of being immune to weather, safe and fast, and strong in transportation capacity. 'In the past few years, due to the immature technology and high cost, almost no one chose to transport fruits and vegetables by rail.' Zhang Shuang said, 'Now it is different. With the advancement and improvement of cold chain transportation technology, fruits and vegetables have gone through twelve to three days. The transportation is still as fresh as ever, and the transportation price is not expensive.'

According to Zhang Shuang, the 'Longhai' railway cold chain transport container of Russian Express is a new 40-foot oil-electric integrated reefer container that meets the international intermodal transport standards. It can perform temperature and humidity self-management according to the transportation needs of different fresh fruits and vegetables. And remote adjustment, and equipped with global positioning navigation and fresh air system, 'Customers can know the status of the cargo through the monitoring platform of Russian Express, and realize digital visualization and remote control of the cold chain transportation.' Zhang Shuang said.

'Rail transport of fruits and vegetables has many advantages such as large volume, low price, and fast speed. It is a useful attempt to explore the railway cold chain transportation of fruits and vegetables. It has injected a lot of impetus into the export of fruits and vegetables in the prevention and control of the epidemic. The customs has given full support and assistance. 'Manzhouli Station Customs Deputy Commissioner Wu Qingyan said that Manzhouli Customs took the initiative to optimize the business process, speed up the export declaration of fruits and vegetables, and achieve 'zero delay' in the export declaration of fruits and vegetables.

  According to statistics, since the opening of the first fruit and vegetable train on April 2, more than 100 containers have been shipped out of the country through the Manzhouli Railway Port, and 4,794 tons of fruits and vegetables have been exported, with more than 30 varieties.

  Smart warehousing

  The warehouse management system automatically adjusts the temperature, and the handheld terminal can be controlled remotely

'A truck has arrived in Warehouse No. 2, and it is requested to unload the truck.' As a whistle sounded, a large refrigerated transport truck steadily stopped in front of the large cold storage of Haiyun Cold Chain Storage Co., Ltd. Wang Chi, the manager of the operation department, stood over the intercom. Gave instructions to the team. In the Zhaoyin Cold Chain Logistics Park in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, a large-scale transfer truck like this has to come and go more than 20 times a day.

1 fully automatic forklift, 4 shift workers, 30 tons of frozen fresh French fries, storage at a constant temperature of minus 18 degrees Celsius... A complete set of highly efficient and rigorous unloading procedures can be completed in less than two hours. These French fries will Spend the 'waiting period' ranging from 3 days to 2 weeks in the huge cold storage, ready to be transferred to the food deep processing company in southwestern Fujian again at any time, and become the deep-fried French fries well-known to the citizens, and successfully completed this time 'Cold Chain Journey'.

   'To put it simply, we are a ‘big refrigerator’. The company stores the goods that need refrigeration in our place. Warehousing and ensuring safety are our duties.' Haiyun Cold Chain Storage Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Haizhao said. With an investment scale of 380 million yuan, a daily throughput of more than 500 tons, a total designed storage capacity of 40,000 tons, and an annual transshipment capacity of 400,000 tons, this logistics park satisfies the needs of dozens of import and export foreign trade companies in the Xiamen Bay Area. Chain storage needs.

'In the 202 cold storage room, the average temperature is minus 18.3 degrees Celsius, and the set temperature is minus 22 degrees Celsius, which is normal.' Wang Chi stared at the company's intelligent storage information page. 30 tons of fresh French fries were put into the warehouse, making the temperature of the cold storage room rise by more than 1 degree Celsius. , But with the automatic adjustment of the intelligent warehouse management system, the refrigerator restarted, and the temperature in the warehouse quickly recovered to minus 18 degrees Celsius.

'We have adopted a carbon dioxide and ammonia cascade refrigeration system to greatly reduce the use of ammonia while ensuring the cooling effect. In addition, the park adopts the industry’s advanced intelligent warehouse management system, and the handheld terminal can easily control vehicle scheduling, temperature and humidity. Regulation, pre-cooling qualification rate, etc. The efficiency is high, the production is safer, and the production cost is greatly reduced.” Ye Jinfei said.
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