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Cold chain fba head logistics agent

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-30
For sellers who need to control FBA storage volume and reduce costs, overseas warehouse is a good choice for stocking and transferring warehouses, zebra overseas warehouse can provide multi-category and cross-channel overseas warehouse integration services. A listing of the stocking transfer warehouse, the seller can ship part of the inventory FBA, and the other part chooses the zebra overseas warehouse to ship and sell, sharing the FBA fee while reducing the pricing and enhancing the market competitive advantage. Overseas warehouses can't control the return of goods from delivery and sales: once the seller's estimated sales volume is wrong, it may lead to a large amount of FBA products being unsalable, at this time, according to Amazon's current charging standard, a large amount of long-term accumulated backlog fees will be generated. If the goods in the FBA warehouse have explosive quality problems due to some uncontrollable factors, Amazon will seal off the seller's saleable inventory and require the seller to return to the warehouse for rectification. Suggestion: in order to avoid too many uncontrollable factors, it is recommended that sellers improve the quality inspection rate of products as much as possible before delivery, and try to choose good quality products when selecting products. Cold chain fba head logistics agent. Jpg in 2018, the market scale of hairy crabs in our country is approaching 100 billion yuan. Products with high value-added like this have become the butterfly effect that promotes the upgrading of mass consumption, and have an immediate effect on the cold chain. 2018 China import food Total will more than 70 billion beauty yuan Natural 20 years growth 15. Twice, the cold chain potential behind imported food is huge. At the same time, with the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the construction of Dawan district and the opening of more free trade zones such as Hainan, regional upgrading will inevitably create many new opportunities in cold chain infrastructure construction and urban cold chain supporting services. Xi. Big water, big fish, and strong demand space in the cold chain market. After saying so much, whether it is FBA or overseas warehouses, sellers still need to make reasonable arrangements according to their own products and choose appropriate ways to concentrate on transportation, in order to better reduce costs and improve the experience of distribution services. The main contents of the cargo transportation appraisal document generally include the name of the cargo and its enterprise identification, main physical and chemical characteristics, dangerous characteristics of the transported goods, laws and regulations on which the appraisal is based, emergency disposal methods, etc. The purpose is to provide transportation units with information directly related to transportation safety. Therefore, if you encounter goods with hidden dangers during transportation, it is recommended that you must issue an identification report accurately according to the standards of the goods. What is included in the air transport appraisal report, the same airport, the speed of different airlines is very different, good aviation speed is stable. More importantly, it depends on whether the logistics company has a number of airline resources, which can be flexibly booked and exchanged. The above is about the content of the cold chain Fba head logistics agent. If you want to know more about the content of the head logistics agent, please continue to pay attention to our VIPUTRANS!
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