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Civil Aviation Administration: Accelerating the

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-20

On May 19, the Civil Aviation Administration held the third meeting of the Leading Group for the Promotion of Aviation Logistics Development. Lu Erxue, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration, attended the meeting and emphasized that the Party Central Committee and the State Council should be carefully implemented to implement the strategic deployment of 'optimizing the environment, complementing shortcomings, adjusting structure, and strengthening supply' to accelerate the structural reform of the air cargo supply side and accelerate Promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional air cargo to modern air logistics.

At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of SF Airlines introduced the thinking and suggestions on expanding the domestic and international aviation logistics network and building an independent and controllable global logistics supply chain system. The chief pilot of the Civil Aviation Administration, relevant departments, air traffic control bureaus, operational monitoring The relevant responsible comrades of the Center, the Academy of Aeronautics, China Aviation Association, Civil Airport Association conducted in-depth discussions on further accelerating the development of aviation logistics.

In his concluding speech, Lu Erxue pointed out that inviting experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the logistics field to give lectures to the leadership group and conduct face-to-face exchanges, on the one hand, is conducive to all units and departments to better understand the logistics enterprises from the perspective of the entire transportation chain , Supply chain and industry chain related business, continue to deepen the understanding and grasp of the development law of aviation logistics, thereby further enhancing the scientific and forward-looking policy formulation; on the other hand, it is also the implementation of the National The Implementation Opinions of the Policy Making Mechanism requires that communication channels be unblocked, and that the role of entrepreneurs be played to allow everyone to better grasp the current situation and the problems faced by enterprises, and constantly improve the pertinence and effectiveness of the measures introduced.

Lu Erxue emphasized that all units and departments have seriously implemented the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on improving the international air cargo capacity and smoothing the international logistics supply chain, innovating ideas and taking proactive actions, and carried out a lot of work to promote the development of China's air cargo positive effects. Judging from the current air cargo data, these measures have greatly improved China's air cargo capacity and supply level in the short term. The contradiction between supply and demand has been significantly alleviated compared with the initial stage of the epidemic. The main trunk lines and key countries have sufficient air cargo capacity to effectively support the epidemic. Prevention and control and resumption of production.

Regarding the next step, Luerxue put forward four requirements: First, we must effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency of the work, take a variety of forms, use a variety of channels, and deeply investigate the practical problems faced by aviation logistics companies in the first line, combining the problems and their responsibilities, Think deeply, plan to take effective measures, respond positively, truly solve problems for enterprises, solve problems, promote the shortcomings in aviation logistics, and strive to implement various tasks to promote the development of aviation logistics. Second, we must grasp the 'opportunity period' and the 'window period' brought by the impact of the epidemic situation that the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to, strengthen inter-ministerial coordination, promote the organic connection of the aviation logistics chain with the industrial chain and the supply chain, and promote the deepening of the integration of different modes of transportation Promote the implementation and implementation of relevant policies such as optimizing the customs clearance environment and the “cost reduction and efficiency enhancement” of freight airlines. Third, we must insist on fully implementing the deployment of the State Council meeting, focusing on industry responsibilities, focusing inwards, practicing internal skills, accelerating the formation of aviation logistics expert groups, the conversion of the 'green channel' mechanism for air cargo in the later stage of the epidemic, and optimizing the air cargo approval management policy, etc. Work advances to create a good market environment and business environment for the development of aviation logistics. Fourth, we must refine the staged work objectives, further improve the working mechanism, strengthen horizontal communication, form greater synergy, and strengthen the promotion of solving difficult problems that affect 'electronic freight', security inspection efficiency, and ground agency service quality.
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