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Choose several blunders you in several international logistics lp?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Recently small make up at tianya has no intention of saw a post, the title is 'the real case: international logistics lp wed there will be more hard! ! ', the text is a few have been international logistics lp cheat stranger a YiBingDing woes, now come out to advise others accused of logistics lp is not, you can go to search to see when you are free. Small make up very sympathetic to the above several, in condemning the cheater sorry at the same time, if he had encountered VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp if there is no so much human tragedy happened. Here small make up remind each reader: when choosing international logistics lp must stare big eyes, or logistics brings trouble is sure to emerge in endlessly, all kinds of unexpected problems, it is necessary to choose a professional international logistics lp. Below small make up to summarize to you the choice of a few common misconceptions, remind everybody. Myth: several comparison, finally choose the cheap logistics lp. We should all know, the international logistics lp operating costs are believed to be much higher than the average logistics lp, which involves the cost of Labour cost, customs clearance cost, transportation cost, etc. , such a high cost of natural fee will not be cheap. Professional international logistics lp won't use any link to cut costs, in an attempt to reduce the fee standards to attract customers. You must believe & other; A price a goods & throughout; This sentence, only is accepted by all, handed down from ancient times. Myth 2: choose from the street of the small ads to see logistics lp. Professional international logistics lp won't put little roadside advertisements by source to get customers, every international logistics lp has professional publicity channels, both from the Internet and television newspaper media can be seen its advertising. And can see the logistics lp from street small ads are generally less formal, or just have no fixed customer source, its logistics business is not enough to let them have enough international logistics experience to handle any emergency. Want to is both efficient and hassle free to a multinational logistics, choose right is the guarantee of safe. Myth 3: think it is not necessary to look for international logistics lp, international freight forwarder can also. A lot of people for the concept of international logistics lp and international freight forwarder is very fuzzy, think the difference is not big. But small make up to tell you that there is a big difference. International logistics lp is the door to door service, that is, from the house of home, moved to destination among any through customs do not need to pay tax, customs clearance and other complex link customer hold a distraction. And international freight company is only responsible for the goods from the country of shipment to the destination, all other procedures require customers themselves, it in the middle of the long stage is not a day or two can be completed. Myth 4: listen to the salesman's rhetoric, regulations never see clear sign the contract. Many clients in choosing an international logistics lp is deceived by salesman rhetoric, any one condition the salesman without thinking is readily promised, let the customer for the company strength is abundant, omnipotent. In cooperation with international logistics lp sign contract, regulations did not carefully see clear sign. Such circumstance is directly responsible for the consequences of late a lot of verbal commitment can't cash, finally can only spend money. Myth 5: think logistics lp is the international logistics lp. Understanding of the two, few people can distinguish if no co-operation, with the international logistics lp think logistics lp is the same type. Logistics lp's business is domestic, point-to-point service, not through the customs or any other way to going abroad. Including domestic and international logistics lp business logistics to go abroad to the customs, go through the customs, to the destination customs clearance from home and abroad, the two similar but different. After finishing with small make up for more than a few common misconceptions about introduction, I believe you for there is a new understanding of the international logistics lp. Domestic logistics and international logistics, the choice of service company is skilled, grasp the technique to avoid these common pitfalls, is necessary for logistics province don't worry. 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